Artificial Intelligence – 4 Ways to Implement it in Different Markets
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Jun 19, 2018

Artificial Intelligence – 4 Ways to Implement it in Different Markets

The advent of technology has made it more and more present in people’s daily lives. At the corporate level, this could not be different. It’s precisely in this context that artificial intelligence in companies has become a reality in most of today’s organizations.

But do you already know what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it can be used for the benefit of organizations? That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s post. You will also see 4 examples of how AI is used in practice. Let’s go!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is one of the major technological novelties of today. It’s a system based on human reasoning that, due to its technology, processes information and responds with agility.

In this way, it can be used to replace work teams – which will be redirected to other relevant activities within the organization – and optimize a series of processes that previously required time and effort.

In other words, AI will use human reasoning or insight to make a machine, program or code capable of making decisions based not only on data but on intelligence.

How to use artificial intelligence in companies? Look!

1. Chatbots

Chatbots are certainly one of the main examples of AI. Linked to the corporate database, they are able to replicate the human behavior in a virtual dialogue.

The user on the other side of the screen exchanges messages with the bot and receives answers that are tailored to their needs. This automates virtual support and makes it more effective for both parties.

2. Personal assistant

Virtual personal assistants are a great example of how AI can be applied in day-to-day business. This is because they help to solve and optimize simple tasks, but that previously required time and effort.

With a personal assistant, it’s possible, for example, to view all the tasks of the day, the scheduling of meetings, the travel calendar and even other important information such as the time of travel for visiting a client, for example.

3. Smart ERPs

ERP’s – Enterprise Resource Planning – are software used to manage a company’s resources. Armed with artificial intelligence, they become even more relevant, transforming the way work is done within that organization.

This is because they are able to “learn” certain patterns of behavior as they are used, thus increasing their productivity. An ERP will know all the data of the company and will be able to formulate highly relevant suggestions for the management.

4. Review of documents

If reviewing legal documents has been a task that consumes hours of works of lawyers, with artificial intelligence it can be done in a matter of minutes.

AI tools can do the review work by detecting inconsistencies and other issues that can be misinterpreted, optimizing the document without getting bored or distracted and making mistakes as humans do.

Ok! Now you know how to use artificial intelligence in companies. If this trend is not yet a reality within your organization, who knows the time has come to rethink your company? Consider the tips of the post and do not hesitate to take that next step.

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