3 Ways to Reduce Time to Market in Your Company
AlfaPeople |
Oct 26, 2018

3 Ways to Reduce Time to Market in Your Company

Time to market is basically the time required to develop a product, from idea to promotion. As a critical point in most companies, it?s an accepted reality that to increase your business?s chances of success, you need to launch your products and/or services before the competition.

So, it doesn?t matter how good your offer is, because if you let competitors get ahead, the innovation that you want to be yours gets attributed to them.

That?s why we’ve written this article that presents 3 ways to reduce time to market in your business. Don?t miss out on these tips – check it out!

1. Have well-defined workflows

The first step in optimizing time to market is to have defined workflows. This is important so that you can avoid delays and minimize downtime during procedures.

In this case, we have a simple recommendation: use technology to your advantage. As an example, we can mention Dynamics 365, Microsoft software as a great option for integrating people, processes, and ecosystems to enable companies to maximize their deliveries.

By using this tool, you can manage your production plant with collaboration spaces, activity guides, and customized instructions for operators and supervisors.

In addition, it will also provide the traceability you need in terms of task progress, sharing visual information, facilitating visibility of operations, and bringing transparency and agility.

2. Adopt appropriate methodologies

In terms of reducing the time to market, look for those methodologies that aim to increase team productivity and give speed up processes as a whole.

Among them, it?s worth mentioning the Scrum method, which consists of making every team member aware of what each other are doing, what their respective responsibilities are, their ongoing progress and their way forward, including “when” (deadlines).

3. Automate processes

Another tip to decrease time to market that we couldn?t leave out is process automation. Here, you need operational solutions that allow the product/service development cycles to be automated to some degree.

And Microsoft Dynamics 365 contributes to this; in short, automation will reduce time wastage and promote efficiency gains overall.

To close, let?s not forget that these days that the right time to market can be the difference between success and stagnation, or even failure! The first out the gate is more likely to win.

What do you think of this article and the 3 ways to reduce time to market in your company? Take the opportunity to learn more about Dynamics 365. Stay on top of a platform that can really revolutionize your day-to-day business.

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