Quick Guide: Introduction to the Power Platform

Download the e-book and get 13 tips when considering the Microsoft Power Platform.

Download and get your introduction to the Power Platform

A platform that makes it SO easy to develop apps that anyone can do it. That sounds fantastic!

Your next question might be, “Should I, or shouldn’t I try this?” Some people may answer yes as they see great opportunities available to them, while some may say no. Either way, there’s a lot to consider.

At AlfaPeople, we believe that the Power Platform represents an opportunity to accelerate the company’s digital transformation, including by digitizing processes that previously did not pay off. The Power Platform offers an opportunity for positive change in your business, especially if you approach it the right way.

That is precisely why we’ve written this Quick Guide. Here we will provide you with:

  • A brief introduction to the Microsoft Power Platform;
  • 13 tips on how the Power Platform can make digital development easier, faster and more flexible;
  • A little exercise that can help you find out if the Power Platform is relevant to you.