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Jun 10, 2022


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

?The business value that we expect to get from good collaboration with AlfaPeople and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a far better opportunity to utilize data for marketing and business analysis?.

Niels Agerup, Market Director of Ase

Ase is a cross-functional unemployment insurance fund for both employees and the self-employed in all industries with approximately 145.000 members throughout Denmark. The unemployment fund is 100% owned by its members and focuses on creating an open, customer-oriented organization that makes its members ambassadors. Ase operates in addition to the unemployment insurance fund, the Ase L?nmodtager, Ase Selvst?ndige, and Ase Jobudvikling unions and an insurance company. Ase has its headquarters in Copenhagen and 16 local offices all over the country.

Microsoft Dynamics is a keystone of digital transformation at Ase

Ase has an ambitious digitalization plan for the future but is breaking the process into smaller steps so that both the economy and employees can follow. Recently, Ase implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with AlfaPeople as the technology leader and sparring partner.

The unemployment insurance fund Ase, like many other companies, is in full swing with their digital transformation. They use a proprietary system for operating the core business but use standardized platforms in selected business areas. As part of this digitalization strategy, Ase has recently replaced their proprietary sales solution with Dynamics 365 Sales with AlfaPeople as their implementation partner. Previously, Ase?s sales data was stored in various siloed systems, which didn?t work properly together. With the implementation of the Dynamics platform, all sales-relevant data is now gathered in one place and so, AlfaPeople has built the integration necessary for the rest of the system, primarily the core system, and previous integrations have been completely looped out because they were no longer needed.

This means, among other things, that the architecture has been simplified and that data has become more valid as there are no duplicates. In addition, employees no longer have to log into different systems and can work in more streamlined flows, increasing individual efficiency and the overall productivity of the organization.

Better data activation

In addition to greater digital connectivity, Dynamics 365 Sales also provides Ase with better opportunities to enable the value and use of the sales data generated every day in the organization. This includes further developing data for marketing and business analysis, explains Niels Agerup, Market Director of Ase. ?In sales, we produce approx. 150.000 call attempts a month, of which a certain percentage turns into orders. The orders contain an amount of data that we can actively use to improve our customer service.?

Agerup also mentions that in the future Ase will probably connect multiple applications on their new Dynamics platform using the same recipe to enable more data for business use. This could be Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, where customer behavior data can be used to target the campaign activities.

AlfaPeople as a Trusted Advisor

Kate Pennerup Thomsen was Ase?s Project Leader in implementing Dynamics 365 Sales. She emphasizes that users have taken well to the solution and that is has been easy to get to know:

?Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is based on familiar interfaces from the Microsoft world, so design and user-friendliness has been easy. We thought we should educate them for a whole week, but most of the employees were up and running by themselves in a few hours. So, we actually ended up shortening our education plan by 50%, and we have not been able to detect any decline in efficiency, something which often accompanies an implementation.?

Great co-operation leads to a service agreement

In addition to a clear transition phase and a more than satisfactory uptime of 100%, Pennerup Thomas emphasizes the positive collaboration that Ase had with the AlfaPeople. When there is good chemistry on a project, it?s way easier to reach the finish line.

?Good cooperation is, among other things, the reason we have chosen to sign a service agreement with AlfaPeople at the end of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Now, they know our needs and our business. Hopefully, it will save us a lot of time when we start the next IT project one day.?


Ase has implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, which integrates with a proprietary core system. The sales solution makes it possible to activate the sales data generated in the organization. This is beneficial for several teams such as Marketing, who are now far better able to target their communications and campaigns going forward.

Ase has approx. 120 users working daily with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution. These employees are experiencing 100% uptime and, in combination with the design and ease of use from other Microsoft solutions, it has been very easy for employees to use it effectively in their workday.

Ase expects to implement additional applications from Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, including the Marketing application. Thus, the synergy and recognizability are preserved, but what is equally important to Ase is to have chosen a solution for their core business that follows their development and is being rolled out by a competent player in the market.