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Professional Services

The Professional Services industry faces major challenges such as competition,
disruptive technology and regulatory changes.
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in the management of your business.

The main challenges of the Professional Services sector today are:

  • Fierce competition: competition in the professional services market is fierce. Companies from all over the world are offering similar services, which means that professional services companies need to find ways to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • Talent retention: the professional services market is highly competitive, which means that companies must struggle to attract and retain qualified talent. The lack of qualified professionals can affect the quality of services provided.
  • Price pressure: professional services companies often face price pressure, as customers want high-quality services at lower prices. This can affect companies’ profit margins and the quality of services provided. 
  • Disruptive technology: technology is rapidly changing the professional services industry with new technologies emerging all the time. Companies need to adapt to these changes and incorporate new technologies into their services. 
  • Regulatory Changes: the professional services industry is highly regulated and subject to frequent regulatory changes. Businesses need to stay up to date on these changes and adapt to them to continue operating effectively.
  • Globalization: globalization is changing the professional services industry with companies expanding their businesses worldwide. Companies need to adapt to this new global reality and find ways to meet the needs of customers in different regions and cultures. 

AlfaPeople Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business management solutions have the ability to meet the needs and enhance the day-to-day activities of all stakeholders involved in Professional Services projects, end-to-end – from Marketing actions, through Sales, Projects, Finance, Human Resources, Relationship, Customer Service, and even involving partners, among others –, automating tasks, with intelligence, and generating more value to the business.

Applications allow, for example:

  • Demand generation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing acting at all stages – from segmentation, through creating and launching campaigns, tracking metrics, capturing and qualifying leads, to sending them to the Sales team – on a single platform, seeking the ideal customer anywhere in the world. 
  • Conducting the entire Sales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – which includes creating the pipeline, generating proposals and contracts, as well as billing forecasts, among other processes, supported by information on the lead journey, shortening the sales cycle, being more productive, with lower prices and higher margins. 
  • Project management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, with proposal sizing validation – starting with planning, identifying and managing resources, controlling hours, deadlines and expenses, approvals, as well as monitoring progress of the activities and the entire team of professionals involved, enabling competitive advantage in project delivery and leveraging the work of technicians. 
  • Financial management of projects with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance,  or another ERP linked to project management data, attentive to regulatory changes and ready for management. 
  • After-sales service in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, with personalized communication to ensure the best experience and customer loyalty. 
  • The use of features such as Insights & AI, Mobility, Virtual Agents, Electronic Signature, Speech to Text, Collaboration with Office and Teams, among others. These are all disruptive components of the Microsoft platform that enhance professional services!

Boost results from a unique view
of your entire value chain!

Completely and easily change the processes of your Professional Services company,  or just make specific enhancements by deploying the business applications of the modern Microsoft ecosystem. Have total control and predictability over all your projects and services, as well as the flexibility to meet the market in an innovative and dynamic way. Transform the way you deliver value through low-code/no-code development concept platforms with intelligent, advanced, and usable resources, improving the work of your professionals and the relationship with customers, and boosting your results! 

Improve results with end-to-end business integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions are integrated into the same database: the Microsoft Dataverse. This means that the teams involved have access to relevant information from clients and projects, making the processes of Professional Services companies – which are often long and complex – much more fluid and agile. The integration of systems and the shared record in real time, also encourages collaboration among professionals, in addition to generating a very relevant history of all information. All of this contributes to generating the best results!

More effectiveness in planning and resource predictability

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, as soon as a potential customer shows interest in receiving a quote proposal, the Projects or Engineering team is automatically informed to start sizing the project and validating the quote. The platform calculates the estimated cost of labor, materials and expenses, allowing, for example, the identification of resource availability using a smart schedule, facilitating planning. This tool offers a range of highly important features for managing the project as a whole, ensuring that all stages are completed as planned.

Complete and real-time view of all stages to facilitate decision-making

Analyze and make decisions quickly, with a 360º perspective of the entire business on a single screen that automatically gathersthe main project information in real time. Microsoft’s solutions provide a comprehensive, forward-looking view of the business, which is strategic for Professional Services companies. Delivering realistic insights from the crossing of information and carried out by advanced Artificial Intelligence resources, the applications help not only executives, but all professionals in the organization, to make the best decisions.

Focus on your core business

With the centralization of processes and information – in addition to the automation of manual tasks with Power Automate – Microsoft solutions allow professionals to direct all their efforts to activities that are directly related to the core business of their organization- those that generate the most value. As a result, the use of such a scarce resource, which is the specialized workforce of Professional Services companies, is optimized, contributing to faster and higher quality deliveries, and therefore, to business success.

microsoft dynamics 365 screen

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications have advanced Artificial Intelligence and Automation resources focused on the best practices of the Professional Services segment, with standard fields and ready-made workflows, while also fully customizable to the needs of your company.

Modernize your process and get faster and better results
by focusing on what matters!

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