Dynamics 365 for Sales is the perfect tool to take your potential customers to purchase before your competitors, whether through telemarketing, social networks or email. It’s easy to use, fully integrates with Microsoft Office and offers useful dashboards to take your sales management to another level.

One of the most important functions in sales management is, without doubt, to find potential customers, and then be able to lead them to a buying stage. So, it is important to have a CRM system capable of being accessed instantly and from anywhere. To achieve these business objectives in any Company, Dynamics 365 for Sales can be the most effective tool for the following reasons:

    1 – You will be able to efficiently complete account data, contacts and potential customers for B2B and B2C business models, and you will have the ability to sell at any time and place, working from wherever you are, even offline, through the mobile application that provides workflows, contacts, leads, graphics, among others.

    2 – Builds trust with information focused on the specific needs of the client, thanks to the integration with Linkedin, contact data and processes are unified. This ensures a better approach to the potential client.

    3 – It is an ideal tool for telemarketing. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides instructions for asking the right questions in phone calls, to find and classify potential new customers. These questions follow the logic of the sales funnel, stage by stage until the purchase is achieved. This helps you to more tightly fulfill your sales quota.

    It does not only refer to sales by phone, but also those made through social networks. Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates with Microsoft Social Engagement to listen to all kind of comments and join conversations.

    4 – Since Dynamics 365 for Sales is a Microsoft product, it can be integrated with all Microsoft Office 365 applications, as well as with SharePoint libraries. This will help you to send budgets, proposals, and emails faster, as well as allow you to use the templates you have set up for these deliveries.

    5 – It allows you to monitor competitors, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, which is a task that normally demands a lot of time. Dynamics 365 for Sales offers a feature to create detailed profiles of all your competitors, which allows you to evaluate other companies sales opportunities.

    6 – Offers complete sales dashboards that allow you to carry out informed decisions, in real time, with graphs, KPI performance, statistics and more. This will allow you to anticipate problems and change your sales strategies at any time.

In conclusion, Dynamics 365 helps you gather, organize, rank and access your potential customers faster than your competitors. In addition, it is easy to use and fully integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to make your commercial work more efficient than ever.