ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365

The digital marketing platform exclusively for Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365

Make your marketing activities more effective and customized with marketing automation, dynamic and customized campaigns, easy-to-use e-email editors, lead scoring, social media tools, and surveys. Follow up and evaluate your efforts with marketing analytics with intelligent dashboards, tracking, and data capture.

ClickDimensions is a leading third-party tool designed exclusively for seamless use on Dynamics 365 CRM systems. Easily integrate it with your Dynamics 365 set-up today!

Campaign automation and insights with ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is marketing platform native to Dynamics 365 which is fully integrable with Microsoft CRM systems like Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. With ClickDimensions marketing automation tools you will get these unique benefits:

Campaign automation

ClickDimensions allows marketers to automate essential aspects of their email marketing responsibilities, with tools to define processes based on categories like user behavior and segment, as well as pre-designed web forms, surveys, analytics and reporting. Meanwhile, notifications allow sales teams to instantly see when a customer or prospect responds to a marketing message.

Lead scoring & insights

After gathering leads, it can be a challenge to prioritize those that need pursuing. ClickDimensions allows users to visualize, categorize and understand key information about the interactions leads have with email content, creating a lead score for each. ClickDimensions also features web intelligence functionality, allowing users to pin-point data about the behavior of anonymous and identified visitors to the website.

No integration costs

ClickDimensions is yet another reason why Dynamics 365 is the must-have single-source solution for CRM functionality in your business. With no integration cost or hassles synchronizing data, ClickDimensions adds another layer of intelligence to your Dynamics 365 system with intuitive, native marketing features.


With ClickDimension?s tracking feature, you can direct your customers to specific gated content or assets on the ClickDimensions webpages. As you provide your leads with a custom link you can track their behavior with a unique tracking code and they will automatically be associated to you in your Dynamics for Sales for instance.

Get intuitive and easy data-driven marketing with Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions is a unique marketing automation platform native to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using the logic you already know from your CRM system, with ClickDimensions there?s no need to spend money on integration or worry about data synchronization.

Use data-driven Marketing to find, nurture, convert, and engage your audiences to drive your customers from leads to closed sales. Read the e-book to learn more.

  • Increase the productivity of your marketing team with automated actions, a familiar user interface and integration between sales and marketing.
  • Identify and prioritize the most important customers with Lead Scoring and Account-Based Marketing tools.
  • Personalize the customer experience with dynamic segmentation and A/B Tests on email shots, and take advantage of sales data to improve segmentation.

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