AlfaPeople Central America Plans Expansion
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Sep 22, 2017

AlfaPeople Central America Plans Expansion

Since the beginning of their operations in Central America, AlfaPeople has had physical offices in Costa Rica, and some years later in Guatemala, these two country offices have provided high quality and offered great business solutions to the region.

One of the immediate strategic objectives of the corporation is to consolidate the presence of AlfaPeople throughout the Central American and Caribbean region, that is why, during the last months a major effort has been made, attending business opportunities in other countries of this area.

Central America and the Caribbean is a large economic bloc with more than 60 million inhabitants, with development centers such as Panama and the Dominican Republic, and important industries such as banking, insurance, services, construction, import, and distribution.

An expansion plan has been drawn up in these territories, taking into account AlfaPeople’s pioneering experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which already has successfully implemented the first two Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations customers in the region.

The commercial and operations team is very focused on getting new clients, which allow the expansion to these territories, as well as fine-tuning all the requirements to properly take care of the area in its specific fiscal, human resources, operational, and management needs, with the high degree of quality of service that characterizes AlfaPeople, through its own applications, and under all the licensing modules offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For Jose Lainez Roman, Commercial Manager of AlfaPeople Central America:

“Our board of directors sees a great opportunity in the countries of the region, taking into account their business potential, cultures and similar forms of work, as well as AlfaPeople’s ability to tackle projects of different size and complexity, with the challenge of enhancing operations and facilitating the fulfillment of our clients’ strategic objectives and taking full advantage of the new functional and technical value propositions of Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

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AlfaPeople is a global leader in business solution implementation, award-winning Microsoft Dynamics distributor, and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, with physical presence in Europe, Asia, North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

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