Meet your new colleague: the Human Resources chatbot
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Jul 29, 2019

Meet your new colleague: the Human Resources chatbot

Chatbot – Have you heard about the famous Chinese singer and poet Xiaoice? Or the influencer Zo? Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are here to stay, and consumers and social media users are starting to ?get to know? their first ever chatbox friends or influencers.

Over the past few years we have witnessed an exponential growth in the use of chatbots for customer service. This technology, which usually integrates artificial intelligence, can enter into conversations with customers, resolve doubts, solve common problems and learn from these engagements automatically and incrementally.

Chatbots easing the workload for customer service consultants and providing immediate service to consumers is a trend bound to continue. According to Chatbots for Life, by 2020 85% of customer interactions with companies will be carried out through chatbots. However, this technology can also play a significant role in modernizing companies at an internal level by facilitating HR workloads including the onboarding of new employees and self-service tools for existing staff.

Chatbots that work inside your organization

HR tasks are challenging; in addition to routine processes, which take-up a significant amount of time, and the collection of information by analysists, HR personnel oversee both employee satisfaction and productivity.

Lack of commitment and the early departure of employees are usually caused by poor management on the part of Human Resources. According to a Work Institute report about worker retention, 85% of resignations result from causes that could have been avoided by improving service quality and response times in Human Resources.

HR can easily benefit from chatbots to provide employees with greater pools of information, while HR teams can also focus their attention on more sophisticated tasks, instead of replying day-to-day, repetitive queries.

Tasks that can be performed by internal HR chatbots

Selection Processes

Recruitment is a hard game to master. Given how easy it is to apply for a job through digital media, companies receive far too many applications to be handled manually.

With selection process software like Dynamics 365 for Talent, the first applicant screening process can be performed in seconds. Then, bring in the chatbot! A chatbot connected to the platform can take charge of setting up interviews, without HR having to resort to phone calls to confirm an appointment. This helps enhance your staff?s performance; in fact, according to a study conducted by Monster and G2V Careers, Human Resources employees spend up to 63% of their time on the phone.

Answering employees’ FAQs

Workers are constantly approaching HR with all kinds of questions about payroll, vacation time, layoffs and other services. Answering each one of their queries is a highly time-consuming process. An internal chat gives employees autonomy, as they can query the technology about several different aspects of their job.

Improving internal communication in the company

In companies with complex or large structures, communication between offices can be difficult and often results in problems in efficiency and customer service. An internal chatbot solves connectivity problems and creates a general database with information about workplace culture, frequently asked questions, guidelines for procedures, etc., which can be accessed by all departments in any branch for the standardization of processes and services.

Greater mobility for agents

For companies that have agents or salespeople working outside of the office, an internal chat provides support for queries they might have regarding the company?s products or services. With this tool, any employee, regardless of their location, can have a personal assistant 24/7 to help them with their tasks and solve common problems.

Orientation processes

For new employees, a chatbot integrated into Dynamics 365 for Talent can ensure greater connectivity and harmony with the company. Chatbots can provide new employees with instant access to training material about corporate culture, internal processes and recommendations in an interactive, user-friendly manner, instead of them having to resort to endless orientation manuals that can be confusing and tedious.

Internal chatbots work like an assistant who is consistently active and committed. They help create a more efficient Human Resources department by immediately answering the urgent or frequently asked questions. With the most rudimentary tasks relegated to the technology, HR staff can then focus on more complex duties that require a human touch.

Using chatbots to streamline your company?s internal processes is a decision focused on bringing improvements to the quality of the services you offer your employees. With Dynamics 365 for Talent, your staff?s entire life cycle at the company is supported and fueled by the latest business technology from Microsoft. Turn to global partner AlfaPeople to overhaul your internal processes.