Falck Healthcare
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Jun 10, 2022

Falck Healthcare

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

?Following the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and MyCare, and our collaboration with AlfaPeople, we are now fully focused on the alignment of work processes and economies of scale. In these areas, we have seen some of the greatest gains. It has meant we can continue to deliver good and increasingly improved services to our clients.?

Lene Dalsj? Bull ? CIO at Falck Healthcare

Project Scope and Business Needs

Falck Healthcare makes it easy for employees and managers in private companies, public organizations and customers in insurance and pension companies, when it comes to health, illness, absence and physical and mental disabilities.

Falck Healthcare operates more than 120 clinics in Denmark. Here, over 700 physical therapists carry about 650.000 treatments a year. Falck Healthcare?s Hurtig Diagnose (Quick Diagnosis) concept means that more than 310.000 Danes have the opportunity to reduce the waiting time of a specialist doctor. And finally, more than 150.000 consultations are conducted annually through collaboration with more than 520 psychologists.

Over the years, IT complexity has risen across the Falck Healthcare system landscape. This has resulted in a business day with varied solutions, where employees switch between many systems to handle the overall case scenario for a client. It has not been desirable. AlfaPeople is in the process of migrating a number of systems from Falck Healthcare into a completely new consolidated platform called MyCare. MyCare drives efficiency, downsizing costs, and provides the foundation for a flexible and customer-focused delivery of future healthcare.

As a user of a healthcare system, you do not feel it. But behind the many offers of psychological help, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage etc. Falck Healthcare operates a complex business. They handle millions of healthcare requests each year and convey contacts between insurance companies and their business customers.


Consolidation in one platform
In order to create the greatest possible flexibility and to work more process-oriented, Falck Healthcare decided to consolidate a number of systems into one single platform: Falck MyCare. However, the project has proved so demanding that Falck Healthcare chose to switch supplier to AlfaPeople in the summer of 2015.

It became AlfaPeople?s mission to build the heart and core of the MyCare platform: A comprehensive case management solution across all health services for managing client cases, treatments, consent etc. With the case management solution, Falck Healthcare receives a system-based process for managing internally and externally the portfolio of healthcare services, so everyone works according to the same basic principles.

Great satisfaction with AlfaPeople
The actual consolidation of existing solutions, phasing out of previous solutions and integration across the system landscape has been a challenge in itself. But in addition, the project has been further complicated by the fact that the MyCare platform has been operating while migration work has been going on.

At Falck Healthcare, one has been very pleased with both the quality and speed of the work AlfaPeople?s consultants have provided, where at times, work has been done in day-to-day operations to achieve goals. MyCare project development has made great demands on all parties involved, which has required close cooperation and intensive coordination across professionals, suppliers and Falck Healthcare.

MyCare supports IT security level
In addition to process support, MyCare will also support the IT security level in Falck Healthcare. It has been fundamental to Falck Healthcare that solid security measures have been built directly into the platform, so Falck Healthcare can meet the requirements ? including in relation to GDPR ? to obtain and pass consents, and so employees can handle and store digital information in MyCare according to applicable standards and regulations.

Modernization of the engine
The MyCare project is running and will be completed soon. The next focus area is to stabilize the platform with the alignment of work processes and economies of scale as the biggest gains. As part of the future protection of the platform, AlfaPeople has built items for a self-service portal, where clients themselves can book online for processing. In addition, AlfaPeople has modernized the technology engine with MyCare by creating an open API that insurance companies can build their own applications upon.

Of course with full security, so unauthorized access to the platform cannot be achieved. This gives Falck Healthcare exactly the balance they demanded when they started the MyCare project at the time: A stable platform where all people and systems speak the same language and, moreover, are geared to support future growth scenarios and the future digital customer journey.


MyCare is a platform based on?Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which integrates, among other things, economy system (Dynamics NAV) and CMS system (Episerver).

MyCare has 250 users in Denmark. The solution may be rolled out in Norway and Sweden.

Overall functionality includes sales and configuration of healthcare systems, products and services, case management and journalization, obtaining electronic consent via NemID, administration of clinics, processors and suppliers, capacity and scheduling, booking of times, reporting, visitation and complaint handling.