Working with AlfaPeople, a privilege you can have
AlfaPeople |
Aug 22, 2017

Working with AlfaPeople, a privilege you can have

Belonging to a company like AlfaPeople is a privilege of which I have been a participant for the past year and eight months since I joined the Global Marketing team. At the moment I am a Specialist in Marketing and my support is focused in Colombia, where we carry out global and local strategies of marketing, looking to participate in the different sales stages of Microsoft Dynamics 365. When I joined the company the learning process about Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP – CRM we offer was quite fast, which made it easy for me to get great results in such a short time.

Since I joined the company I have been involved in some changes in which I have been fortunate to participate; one of them was the corporate image change: the Marketing Manager, some colleagues in different countries and me built the website that we currently have This web page is our main communication channel, the place where our strategy of digital content is present. It’s a great responsibility since I coordinate the digital content for Colombia, so our clients and prospects may find high-value content.

As additional functions, I will carry out on-site and virtual events in which the company shall announce the additional Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution corresponding to developments of intellectual property, such as specific solutions for the public sector, banking, textile, and clothing, among others.

The company is characterized by having a strong team of marketing at a global level, in which we work together and focus on generating content and activities to capture companies as potential buyers. As an additional motivation we have some economic incentives to make the duties of the post more exciting, so in December 2016 I was fortunate to be the first person, on a global level, to win our Internal Marketing competition. This achievement was the result of an entire year of effort, perseverance, and dedication, as well as a great economic motivation which resulted in a travel through different European countries.

AlfaPeople is a company committed to providing a pleasant work space. The company is worried about our well-being and professional development; as evident in the various activities of integration, training, and business development plans.

We have a great work team, with Development Engineers with wide experience, consultants committed to service and an integral administrative team, which supports with great knowledge the raison d’être of our company.

Every day at AlfaPeople is a chance to keep growing professionally, thanks to the career plan and study policies. This is a company committed to its workers, always thinking about our well-being and focusing on an emotional salary that makes working here a privilege.

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