Dynamics CRM

A Solution to drive sales,
customer service and marketing efficiency

A customer relationship management (CRM) system provides the foundation for delivering superior customer experiences and cultivating long-term, value-driven relationships with customers. Focusing on providing personalized, proactive approaches that are driven from a company’s marketing, sales and service functions will increase the company’s chances of winning and retaining customers, growing profitability and managing costs at the same time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution that enables organizations to drive sales, service and marketing efficiency by understanding customer behavior and enabling the process of providing an outstanding customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful toolbox that combines data optimization and intelligent access, making the process of engaging with customers extremely simple.

As a result, Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers organizations to build long-term relationships with the ability to access data from any device: phone, tablet or computer. Seamlessly switch between viewing sales, service and marketing information, gaining insight into how your teams are performing. Configure the menu in multiple ways, providing quick access to relevant information. Quickly bring up accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns and much more.

Key benefits:

  • Intelligent access to data – Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables business intelligence from many angles, which leads to rapid decision-making and effective operations by automating processes.
  • Collecting information from all channels – All your information is stored in one central location. Microsoft Dynamics CRM compiles information from different channels including your website, emails and social media, and makes it possible for organizations to create a unique dashboard with client information, marketing campaigns and sales performance.
  • Multiple departments in one dashboard – Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate sales, marketing and customer support in one single dashboard that helps organizations to understand a customer’s lifecycle.
  • Improves Customer Service satisfaction, prioritizing attention times based on contracts and timeframes.

Dynamics Sales Module

Collaborative, flexible, easy configuration and a single view.


Every interaction with a customer is as important as the first. With the Dynamics Sales Module, service agents are empowered, thanks to a single view where they can access information and provide experiences that truly connect them to the customer.

This powerful and comprehensive solution provides all the tools and insights needed to help a sales team plan and sell more effectively, focus on its target metrics and build positive relationships with customers.

The Dynamics Sales Module provides a structured process for your sales department to follow and a consistent framework for streamlining business processes and procedures. All your team can follow the practices you define: qualify, develop, prove, negotiate and close.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible platform that provides business logic to organizations to enable them to group clients, suppliers and partners, adding value into day-to-day sales operations by adding different views, fields, workflows, business processes and forms.

  • Allows your team to collaborate and work closely.
  • Customer Updates ensure you spend less time checking your clients’ status.
  • Management visibility to answer any questions on how your team is performing.
  • Follow up processes by simply logging in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to view how your sales teams are managing their customer database.
  • Apply business logic, including assigning leads to your local sales teams.
  • Click and display to generate a full customer report.
  • Customized view increases your overall visibility.
  • Filter only the information you need.
  • With a single data store you can collate all your customer data in one place.

Dynamics Marketing Module

Drive efficient marketing campaigns with full control on your marketing list.


The Dynamics Marketing Module allows for advanced, integrated marketing design and management by marketing teams. It enables the planning, execution, operation and analysis of multiple campaigns in all channels, including digital, social and off-line. Marketers can use powerful analytics functionality to produce meaningful results and insights into their activities to establish the return on investment (ROI). This CRM solution has the added benefit of helping the sales and marketing teams collaborate and share the same view of every customer journey.

The Dynamics Marketing Module allows you to create campaigns and manage your marketing lists. You can add any relevant criteria to filter the targets for marketing campaigns, including particular cities or interests, as well as those keen to hear about a specific product or service from your organization. Use marketing lists to keep track of event participation, newsletter performance, subscriber information and much more.

Attribute leads and opportunities created to campaigns, and, by adding the costs of campaigns and activities, you can calculate the ROI for each campaign.

  • Automate invitations and sign-ups for seminars and events;
  • Integrate with market-leading webinar solutions like WebEx and GoToMeeting;
  • Distribute marketing emails and track their performance;
  • Automate marketing activities using workflows, programs and a campaign builder.

Dynamics Service Module

Utilizing powerful and meaningful feedback from customers.


Dynamics Customer Service helps you to ensure that all the individuals working in your customer service department follow the same process so that when a case is created, your customer service can prioritize and take action.

  • Manage cases differently by delegating, escalating or assigning cases. You can prioritize important customers.
  • Assign cases to a team or an individual.
  • Automatically generate a case when an email is received from a customer. When the email is sent to a particular email address, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will create a case automatically.
  • Create different email boxes for different requests. The support department will create cases, but leads will be generated for sales.
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  • Be efficient by using predefined, knowledge-based articles. You can also choose to share them with customers.
  • Keep all the records in one place, so when someone new joins your organization, the individual communication history is always available.
  • Modify cases to suit your specific requirements.
  • Add mandatory fields for the service team to complete.
  • See a visual representation of the work item to slice the data.
  • Use powerful and meaningful feedback from customers to increase engagement.

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