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AlfaPeople's Methodologies
Alfapeople methods: Waterfall, Agile and Start&Go.

Alfapeople has different methodologies for implementing the Microsoft Business Application platform. The recommended method is defined based on the different business strategies, processes and technology present in the client. These are globally established methodologies adapted to AlfaPeople’s client reality, taking care of the important aspects of a project, such as scope, deadlines, milestones, activities and responsibilities. Learn more about our methods: Waterfall, Agile and Start&Go.

World-renowned methodologies,
adapted to your project

​​The use of Alfapeople’s methodologies, such as Waterfall, Agile and Start&Go™, defines the pillars for a successful delivery of Alfapeople’s projects. The ideal method is chosen based on the specificities of each client, considering the different business strategies, processes, and technologies. The objective is to offer a balance between agility, structured service and results to the client.​ 


Traditional methodology for implementing systems in large phases, or in a cascade, with a defined scope, in which delivery is made at the end of the project. It uses a predefined set of sequential steps and activities, with little parallelism in the development of each one, in which the following only starts when the previous one is finished. Returning to previous stages may imply re-work and additional investments.


Based on an incremental and interactive process of constant deliveries, it is extremely open to changes in scope or new requirements from stakeholders. These interactions feed a “scope base” known as backlog, which is prioritized as work progresses. Each development sprint has the goal of delivering a viable functional product, also known as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Developed by AlfaPeople, Start&Go™ is a quick deployment strategy, with pre-defined processes and functionalities, training content, application services and support. The implementation follows a methodology similar to Waterfall, in which the phases are pre-defined and, in this case specifically, short, with the objective of delivering a viable, functional product, or MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Get the best delivery experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

In addition to enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we want your company to have the best delivery experience in your project. AlfaPeople has advanced knowledge of the platform and the best ways to implement it in your business, with extensive experience in executing different types of projects, under a wide range of methodology models. Check out  the many benefits  of choosing AlfaPeople to successfully implement Microsoft applications in your organization:

Delivery predictability

With the definition of the best method for project execution and excellent professionals for good management, predictability and assertiveness in delivering the planned scope become greater. As a result, the chances of success for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform increase. AlfaPeople jointly defines with the client the most appropriate methodology and adapts it to the project’s reality, taking care of important aspects such as scope, deadlines, milestones, activities and responsibilities.

Specialized and experienced professionals

AlfaPeople has consultants and developers with top-level knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, as well as extensive experience in delivering different types of projects. Our team will present the best way to meet the needs of your business, manage the platform implementation with excellence, and take advantage of the know-how acquired over the years to face the challenges of each client.

Methods adapted to different projects

​​The Waterfall, Agile, and Start&Go™ methodologies are the pillars that govern the different proposal models for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. They are adapted to the needs and specificities of each project and client, according to the possibilities of customization. The AlfaPeople team recommends the delivery method that best meets the business objective of your company.​

Comparison between methods

In the table below, we list the main comparison items between AlfaPeople’s project management
and delivery methods:

Item de ProjetoWaterfallAgileStart&Go
Degree of Prior Knowledge of ScopeHighLowVery High
Customization / Methodology 
LowHighVery Low
Scope of ImplementationFixedVariableFixed
Scope Change ProcessChange RequestDefined by the Product OwnerNot Provided
Team ManagementGerente do ProjetoSelf-managedSelf-managed
DeliveryBy PhaseBy SprintSingle

Together with the client Alfapeople and based on our experience, we defined the most appropriate methodology to offer the balance
between agility, structure, and results.
The methodology ensures that the key elements and
information are implemented.

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