AlfaPeople is a fast pace organization comprised of talented people who, by using their knowledge and passion for the solutions industry, strive to perform and deliver excellent results. Our people love to make themselves accountable by taking responsibility and the initiative to deliver projects that meet our client’s business needs.

We are one big team. We do not believe local teams are the only answer. We have over 550 people across 16 countries on hand to offer support, answering questions and investing time to ensure that everyone is up to speed with the latest company projects, policies or solutions.

To join our team you must be goal orientated and driven. Our people enjoy the challenges of implementing new projects, ensuring things are going right and making sure details are tied down. We do not like to take things for granted, so we ensure every detail of the clients briefing works and meets expectations, adding measurable benefits to the organization.

Our teams make a contribution to other teams, taking initiatives and offering suggestions to contribute positively to the organization and when necessary solving challenges efficiently and discreetly. That is how great our employees are, they work to help the company achieve its goals.

We believe in the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ and aim to build communications across all departments and establish good relationships. We encourage people to speak across departments and countries, so there are no barriers to fix problems, provide recommendations to get the work done. We have fun during our monthly AlfaFridays, sharing all the good stories and news that have occurred over the last few weeks.




Broadband allowance


Holiday incremental scheme


Fresh fruit basket


Free soft drinks


Flexible working


Latest tech devices


Pension scheme


Health plans

*Benefits may change depending on country

Current Positions


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