Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Be more than just reactive: provide your customers with proactive and predictive services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Providing quality field service is a challenge for companies operating in this modality.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service was designed exactly to optimize service orders in the field,
both with regard to efficient and effective management, and for technicians to provide
more personalized and assertive services to customers. 

Automate field service orders to improve customer experience

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, managers are able to analyze service orders in 360º, as well as their status and all the necessary information, to distribute them for the respective field technicians. With this solution, we can link the demand to the specialty of each field professional, who will be able to fill in the information in real time with customer data, which results in more productive, faster, efficient, and personalized services. 

Proactive and predictive services

It’s possible to proactively monitor machines and equipment, either to detect anomalies, prevent failures, breakdowns, or any other problem. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service sends alerts and messages to managers via IoT (Internet of Things) so everything can be monitored remotely.

Automated preventive and corrective maintenance

It is also possible to remotely detect and resolve some machine and equipment problems proactively, even before customers notice them, using IoT sensors integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, which execute remote commands.

Automated control of parts and equipment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service performs the control and general checking of all parts, machines and equipment, issuing alerts if it’s necessary to change or repair any item, thus preventing them from stopping and, consequently, compromising the operation.

Automated scheduling of service orders

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO) intelligently and automatically schedules the best technician to fulfill each work order based on demand, location of field technicians, and the skills/specialties of these professionals for the types of request. This functionality has the ability to schedule several work orders at the same time, maximizing the efficiency of field technicians and managers.

Team and service order management

Individual management of field technicians having, on a single screen, information about their skills and real-time status of each service, makes management better, more assertive, safer, more strategic, and faster at decision-making.

Centralization and updating of information in real time

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service dashboards, managers can have a 360º real-time view of customers, as well as the activities already carried out, pending and future of each field technician. With this, it becomes possible to analyze daily occurrences and obtain insights for improving the area. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can be integrated with legacy systems and other tools used by the company, which makes the solution even more robust and generates more analytical capacity for managers.

Mobility and ease for field technicians

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, field technicians do not need to go to the company to pick up work orders. All demands are centralized in the system, which can be accessed online or offline, via desktop , cell phone, or tablet.

Expert collaboration, remotely and in real time, using mixed reality

With HoloLens(Microsoft’s virtual reality device) or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Mobile, field technicians can share with other colleagues in real time and remotely, the vision of the place that needs an intervention so that the right specialists can indicate exactly what should be done, using mixed reality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service has advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, mixed reality and dashboards features, which centralize service order data. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: for all industries and all sectors that provide field services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is aimed at organizations of all sizes and segments that provide field service.

Offer more mobility and productivity
to field technicians

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