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For manufacturing companies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiently integrates CRM and ERP systems, delivering the technological advances that require manufacturers to transform their production, commercial, and logistics processes, among others, by gaining insight into data to turn it into intelligent actions.

Elevate your manufacturing to the next level!

The globalization of markets and supply chains require a new level of integration and automation. 

Operate smart, safe and efficient factories. Unify teams, data, assets, workflows, and businesses in a single ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, in the cloud.  

Manage and control, in real time, the entire productive process, as well as machines and equipment, with a world-class solution. 

Achieve sustainable growth in manufacturing by ensuring a resilient future, driving innovation, optimizing operations, and deepening customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Whether for large companies (with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management) or for small and medium organizations (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), the manufacturing sector has modern and advanced ERP solutions which provide resources to meet the main industry challenges and requirements. These platforms allow to: 

  • Operate with a complete and detailed view of the business, as well as supply chains. 
  • Integrate teams, finances, projects, and processes in a secure, automated, agile, and intelligent way. 
  • Improve budget planning and forecasts, reducing costs. 
  • Identify tendencies and obtain valuable ideas for assertive decision-making and business growth. 

Drive growth with confidence!

Power your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data to anticipate changes, minimize disruptions, and reduce costs- all while ensuring production efficiency and quality.
Check out the benefits of the solution: 

Boost your financial performance

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Manufacturing and Logistics enable companies to plan with confidence. Its Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics capabilities provide intelligent, real-time insights into daily operations, invoice payments, cash management, and many other key finance tasks. With clean, modern interfaces, you can easily set up workflows, assign costs across projects, refine budgeting practices, and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using tools like Power BI and more. The best part is that all of this is integrated into one single system!

Work faster and smarter

Characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Manufacturing – such as the intuitive layout, the ease of data migration and configuration, and the possibility of access whenever and wherever you want – simplify daily work, offering intelligence and improving the user experience. Communication, productivity and results are enhanced by the fact that the tool makes it possible to link Microsoft Outlook and Excel data. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system examines data and texts, offering suggestions, in real time and based on historical data, and follows workflows that guide employees and improve processes.

Adaptable solution that grows with your business

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing solutions follows the transformations of your factory as it develops, helping it to adapt to the dynamics of the market, which is constantly evolving. Highly scalable, secure and rich in features – such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality – these solutions allow organizations to manage their businesses, including: Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Shipping, Project Management, Services and more. Relevant functionalities to the region of operation can be easily added and customized to support even highly specialized industries.

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Stay up-to-date and control your cash flow with a real-time overview of transactions. Prioritize factory operations to better serve your customers and optimize results. Gain agility and assertiveness, working seamlessly with Excel and Outlook, in an intuitive interface, with insights based on Artificial Intelligence.  

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