Application Management Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Application Management Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is AlfaPeople AMS?

AlfaPeople AMS is a mature managed service catering to your Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform,
AlfaPeople Products, and associated Azure services. It provides everything you need in customer-specific setups with reliable and scalable capabilities. With full control at your fingertips via our Customer Portal and a simple day-to-day operation, you can manage and prioritize your budget to achieve the maximum benefit, month-by-month, ticket-by-ticket.

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Service Challenges

To run a successful and sustainable operations phase,  
maximizing your benefits of your initial and ongoing IT investments,  
you need…

AlfaPeople AMS Offers…


Supporting that end-users are using the system as intended.


Our service desk is seamlessly integrated into your own support organisation ensuring highly responsive and capably resources to answer your questions and execute requests.


Ensuring that the system is working as expected, is stable and reliable.


Our team is always ready to investigate, suggest, and fix any unexpected behaviour either you or our monitoring finds. 


Enabling you to continuously adjust the system to stay aligned with the changes in your business.


A highly effective change process to continuously adjust and enhance the solution to your preference 


Taking advantage of all the new features published by Microsoft to enhance the value of the system.


Not only ensuring the technical upgrade is done safely, but also the conversation on how you benefit the most from those new capabilities 

Service’s Benefits

Comprehensive and Scalable Support

  • Services: A comprehensive catalog covering everything you need to run a successful operation. 
  • Processes: Simple day-to-day operation with built-in best practice processes and full transparency. 
  • Organization: Customer-specific setup utilizing our 12 locations and 4 native-speaking languages. 
  • Team: Reliable and scalable capabilities using a proven role-model and customer-specific teams. 
  • Commercial Model: Continuous commitment to budgets for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months, fully scalable from period to period. 
  • Tools: Full control at your fingertips using our Customer Portal to manage your tickets, priorities, and budget. 

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