Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Fueling your path to stardom as a sales leader, on the Cloud and in-store

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Close bigger and better deals with personalized customer interactions and self-service. Deploy automation tools to allow your sales experts to focus on high-value leads. Unleash business intelligence technology for savvier decision-making, forecasting and reporting. On the Cloud or in-store, see your sales skyrocket with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Smarter sales, bigger and better business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that enables sales businesses to unify their daily activities and data into a common, secure and easy-to-use interface. In today’s rapidly changing sales environment, poor customer engagement can undermine sales of even the best products or services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales empowers your teams to work dynamically and proactively with greater control over customer engagement and a more comprehensive insight of your sales pipelines. Discover the main benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales in the video above!!

Driving technology innovation in Sales

Leading global Microsoft partner AlfaPeople offers businesses of all shapes and sizes a range of implementation options and customizations to ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales works to meet your ambitious commercial and operational goals. Our experts across 14 countries see the big, global picture around technological innovations ? and we?re here to invest that insight and experience into your digital transformation.

Frontline healthcare workers are often weighed down by significant time and resource pressures. That?s where technology can help ? automating administrative tasks and allowing healthcare staff to focus their attention on crucial areas of their work, especially patient wellbeing. AlfaPeople has worked on several projects in the healthcare sector, including the Virtual Fracture Clinic and most recently EVA Applications. With growing patient numbers and budget cuts, the healthcare industry, and in particular the NHS, face growing challenges to keep up with the needs of the population. AlfaPeople is already making use of Artificial Intelligence and machine technology to future-proof healthcare services and ensure patients are receiving the very best care and treatment on the market.

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The Events and Media sector is renowned for its rapid growth, often as a result of acquisitions, meaning businesses regularly find themselves operating on several systems and databases. This leads to data silos and poor managerial visibility over pipelines and general business efficiency. AlfaPeople worked with one of the world?s biggest and most successful exhibition companies, ITE Group, to address these exact problems. We implemented Dynamics 365 to relieve the company of its ageing technology and inefficient systems. In a market constantly looking for audience expansion and growth, the Events and Media sector needs integrated technologies in marketing, sales, finance and operations.

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Today?s point-of-sale (POS) systems are much more than a mechanism to complete retail transactions. They?re part of a comprehensive retail system that turns transaction data into a focal point for centralized store management and multi-channel retailing. AlfaPeople works with retailers to achieve just this, unleashing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and its state-of-the-art tools for real-time analysis and modeling so that retailers can develop more effective sales strategies against the competition. AlfaPeople can help you accelerate your digital transformation and leverage POS, ERP, and CRM data to chart progress and formulate more competitive strategies that drive efficiency in sales, customer service, and marketing.

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Commercial opportunities in the construction sector are high-stake ? far too lucrative to be jeopardized by unnecessary data silos and disjointed processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides companies in the construction sector a comprehensive overview of their engagement with partners, providers and buyers ? in real-time and with the support of intelligent analytics that work to unify processes around deals and across company departments. AlfaPeople works with the sector to bring out the best in the technology at hand. Dynamics 365 in the Construction sector helps you improve sales outcomes for immediate results and long-term commercial growth!

Sales teams in the Mining sector often struggle to stay on top of minor details within the complex sales processes that characterize the sector. Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates streamlined workflows, from the pipelines through to traceability as a mobile and practical tool to monitor and enhance the performance of sales teams. It includes a range of automation features, KPI monitoring tools and self-service portals for self-assessment, greater consolidation of teams and healthy competition to drive bigger and better sales.

Did you know?

By 202550% of low- to medium-touch B2B sales transactions will be conducted solely via self-service commerce, electronic data interchange and intelligent bots.?*

* Gartner, ?100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2022?, 21 May 2018.

Say goodbye to lost leads with D365 Sales

As a unified system for all aspects of your sales business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a tool to optimize what you?re doing well ? so you don?t have to waste precious resources on fixing what you?re doing wrong! It gives sales teams the data and tools they need to discover new customers, concentrate on engaging more effectively with leads, and ultimately close more deals.

Pursue the right sales objectives, the right way

Few sales teams operate with enough insight into what customers buy, or when and why they stop buying. With real-time dashboards and a slate of social tools, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can expand your sales pipeline with deep insights into how customers engage with your products and services. With customer data pooled into one system from multiple channels – including social media, chat and customer satisfaction surveys – you can refine your customer engagement and nurture a more dynamic, proactive sales culture among your staff.

Reach sales targets with built-in Dynamics 365 intelligence

Poor data and outdated systems are leading factors in mismanagement. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives your sales leaders a slate of monitoring and reporting tools to ensure their strategies are conducive to growth – broadly and across individual departments and teams. With real-time dashboards and the integration of familiar tools like LinkedIn, Outlook 365 and Office, you can define smarter sales steps and monitor the results as they happen.

Save costs and eliminate the need for own infrastructure

Sales teams can drown in physical documentation and are often unable to properly justify or understand the associated costs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales reduces paper dependency by bringing reporting and monitoring tasks into a common interface. With various licensing and deployment models, you’ll reduce the need to invest in your own infrastructure. You can also enjoy full integration with Microsoft’s market-leading business technologies like Sharepoint and operate securely on Microsoft’s Cloud.

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