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Today, every touchpoint with clients provides an opportunity to build or damage your organization’s reputation. Building trusted, long-term relationships depends on delivering outstanding and differentiated products and services, including third-party as necessary. The offerings must be combined with superior client management for every project and retained account, from all levels in the firm.

AlfaPeople provides services to help you to implement and take advantage of the latest technologies and business methods so you can embrace change, leverage trends and operate in an agile way. Lead your market by cultivating a more productive workplace where it’s easy for professionals to access and share information about clients and work with colleagues to identify the internal expertise that could best help them.

Operating an exciting, high-performing culture and providing effective client-focused business services is a daily balancing act. Hiring the right talent, having the ability to flex operations to suit clients, delivering the agreed services to those clients at manageable internal costs, and thinking through risks and opportunities, are all core competencies that professional services firms need to have. AlfaPeople helps firms to put in place a live, easy-to-understand status of the organization, your people, partners and clients in order to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that key customer information is shared between sales, marketing, delivery and customer support teams.
  • Streamline processes from multiple locations.
  • Provide easy access to data that originates from various delivery systems within CRM.
  • Access real-time information on opportunities and projects.
  • Provide a consistent customer support experience through service level agreements and defined escalation paths.

Dynamics AX benefits

  • Assign a comprehensive project fee covering all cost elements.
  • Manage your resources to ensure you assign the right amount to each project.
  • Project budgeting and management for each fiscal year will give the correct information on individual projects.
  • Generate time sheets and costs from approved work flows, and post them automatically.
  • Create, submit and approve timesheets on the move on a smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft Power BI benefits

  • Monitor development and progress in real time.
  • Analyze the structures of cost and project completion.
  • Monitor and visualize key performance indicators for a better understanding of business drivers, allowing you to maximize results and increase efficiency.
  • Calculate live metrics to generate insights, facilitating appropriate actions as needed.
  • Empower everyone in your organization, and keep your data secure.

AMF benefits

  • Rely on a dedicated team and not an individual.
  • Full flexibility within your commitment ensures you are always on budget.
  • Make use of our fully scalable model to ensure you achieve your desired throughput every month.
  • Prolong your solution’s lifespan and save CAPEX by adding in OPEX.
  • Benefit from a high level of responsiveness to ensure continuous, full-service attention.

Parature from Microsoft benefits

  • Support your customers through social media and chat channels to provide them with a timely service.
  • Help reduce support calls with a rich and accessible knowledge bank.
  • Increase customer loyalty by support from multiple channels.

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