Successful customer service requires a meticulous customer experience model
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Feb 19, 2019

Successful customer service requires a meticulous customer experience model

Customer experience has never been so complex. And it’s not you who leverages control over this important service and branding aspect of your business, rather it’s your customers.

How did the tables turn? One place to look is the Internet and social media. Whereas once a customer’s experience was only transmitted to friends and relatives, today the whole world can learn about it on their social media pages. In a hyper-digital world, companies are today in a situation where they cannot afford to divest even an ounce of attention away from customer experience.

Ultimately, customer experience is nothing more than what customers feel about your brand. One of the most relevant factors for customer experience is customer service. Better customer service can be easily incorporated into a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform as well as into your company’s broader culture.

Know the basics

Before we get specific, a company’s basic customer service approach should focus on:

  • Knowing your customers
  • Recruiting and training the right people
  • Setting up a channel for customer feedback
  • Deploying a help desk service
  • Resolving tickets quickly

While a company’s relationship with its customers is not an exact science, achieving service excellence becomes nearly impossible if you don’t respect the points listed above. In other words, you can all but forget customer experience being a factor that sets your company apart from its competitors.

What successful companies do right

Companies creating successful customer experience models, on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform or elsewhere, share commonalities that are worth considering.

Pay attention to interactions

Customer interaction deserves your attention. Irrespective of the channel being used — social media, email, WhatsApp, phone, online chat, text messages, or the company’s own app — the client needs the best possible answers.

Clear up their doubts or problems quickly, and aim to create an experience which is genuinely satisfactory.

Provide relevant information

Order status, and notifications to announce changes or to share news, provide relevant information to customers, allowing them to remain up-to-date with the direction and values of your brand. Customers appreciate being notified in advance, which is why you should stay ahead in all information cycles involving your company.

Use technology to your advantage

The importance of technology in customer service, like the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform, cannot be underestimated. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like Dynamics 365 allow you to:

  • Manage and analyze your relationship with customers, including interactions
  • Anticipate customers’ desires and needs
  • Increase sales and optimize profitability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service stores data from current and potential clients which can empower you and better inform your business decisions, providing you information including: name; phone number; address; activities; points of contact with the company, including visits to the website; emails; phone calls and more.

Let’s be clear: customer experience refers to all situations in which customers engage with your brand. And customer service is only one of them! To gauge public opinion about your business, apply the NPS (Net Promoter Score) method, which measures satisfaction and loyalty to your company. And consider CRM technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service as one of the smartest decisions you’ll make for your customer service goals.

We hoped you’ve enjoyed this article! If you’d like to know more, keep reading up on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps in customer service.