Customer Service When Everyone is Mobile And Everyone is Social
AlfaPeople |
Oct 05, 2018

Customer Service When Everyone is Mobile And Everyone is Social

Customer relations are constantly evolving: everyone is mobile, everyone is social and people believe in the opinions of their friends and peers more than in brands, especially now that switching from one brand to its competitor is easier than ever before. At the same time, new devices are connecting to each other. It?s a new world in which the customer has control, a very different situation than 10 years ago. Having the ability to understand customers deeply and connect with them is critical for any company?s business strategy and a key factor when it comes to providing a valuable experience.

Business is being conducted at a new speed and companies need to adapt. New technology does not only enable new business models, but it also makes everything much faster. In order to be successful, companies need to involve their collaborators and processes in order to respond swiftly to the changes in the marketplace and hone in on new business opportunities.

The RepTrak Chile 2017 study ? developed by the Reputation Institute consulting company and Triangular Integraci?n Estrat?gica ? recently concluded that the sectors with the best corporate reputation in Chile are the food and beverage industries, based on the pillars of admiration and respect, quality of reputation, positive perception and trust, in addition to elements such as integrity and social engagement. What do both industries have in common, among other things? Excellent customer service and efficient management models for listening to their customers.

Social listening makes a difference. For a company, it is very important to know what people might be saying about their brand. On the internet, not only does information move quickly, but opinions can go viral in a matter of minutes. For this reason, it is important to have tools that allow you to know what people are saying about a brand and monitor a series of parameters that allow companies to make management decisions that help their business. In this sense, these tools become yet another part of the strategy the company has to follow to be successful.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Social Engagement is designed to address the concerns of your service agents by providing them with the information they need to automate case assignments, thus freeing up their time to delight and wow their customers.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Social Engagement

  • Omni-Channel Management: Find customers in your channel of choice: social media, chat rooms, email or telephone for a truly valuable experience. Link posts from Microsoft Social Engagement to Dynamics 365 Customer Service and resolve incidents in a flash. Listen to what people are saying in 19 different languages.
  • Smart Customer Care: Assign posts to the right agents thanks to automated learning (machine learning) filtered by language, geography and conversation topic for swift solutions.
  • Collaborate Efficiently: Microsoft Social Engagement offers workflows, automation and the ability to collaborate in order to make sure your team can work in alignment by simplifying the sharing of information from one agent to another, from public to private conversations or from social media to other channels. The result? More personalized and efficient customer service, which in turn increases their level of satisfaction.
  • Detect Trends: Monitor feelings and trends through social conversations and create alerts to proactively identify service incidents before they can damage your company?s reputation.

For quality monitoring:

  • Focus on properly verifying not only how your products and services are presented, but also on the industry in general.
  • Properly verify the way people are talking about the solutions you are developing. You could see niches in the market or competitors you were unaware of, or you could find news stories, studies, and opinion columns from experts that are backing up exactly what you are promoting.
  • Thoroughly review the keywords you want to position online. In some industries, there are dramatic increases in the views of a website or blog ? above average for their page ? that are simply due to a name coincidence. When the use of these keywords is analyzed in-depth, you can not only find terms that are more useful but also analyze the connotation the use of said words has in other countries.
  • Remember that your brand is there not so much to present a product or service, but instead to offer a concrete solution to your customer?s problems.

Microsoft Social Engagement offers service agents a 360-degree view of the customer, including a full history of interactions and cases, user preferences and relevant customer information from other applications. Social listening is an excellent market analysis tool. It facilitates the integration of information to make significant changes to your products and services, satisfy potential customers and, without a doubt, strengthen your brand. All of these elements will allow you to get the most out of these tools and understand how your consumers feel, taking charge of their criticisms, complaints, and concerns.

Because every interaction counts, earn loyalty, empower agents and stay on your toes with a unified experience. Discover how Microsoft 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Social Engagement can help you have better relationships with your customers.