Spotlight on AlfaPeople Colombia: Innovation and passion in human resources
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Nov 22, 2019

Spotlight on AlfaPeople Colombia: Innovation and passion in human resources

Being part of AlfaPeople, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners, has been a truly transformative experience for me. I am Luz Yamile Fernández, a qualified organizational psychologist. I have been AlfaPeople Colombia’s human talent coordinator for one year.

Since starting at the company, I have received a lot of support, not only from my colleagues but also from my superiors. This allowed for a fast adaptation process to my new work environment. I’ve also benefited personally from the confidence shown to me by team leaders. This is an aspect of our culture which is clearly helping the entire company move forward in the fulfillment of our corporate goals.

Being part of a firm in such a dynamic sector like technology is a big challenge for human resources, which is why I feel proud to be part of Human Talent Management at AlfaPeople Colombia, where we strive every day for best practice, including keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends in human resources.

The Human Talent lead and I have been able to put all our creativity and strategy into AlfaPeople’s ability to properly select, onboard, train and provide well-being to our staff. This is aimed at strengthening our organizational purpose: positively transforming and impacting our team’s lives and empowering them to deliver the best of themselves to our customers.

The company offers multiple benefits to employees, which contribute to their growth and well-being. Through an Individual Development Plan, human resources can ensure all AlfaPeople employees have the possibility to continue evolving professionally. Likewise, we have designed a Training Plan in which we not only address expanding technical knowledge; but we also focus our efforts on strengthening soft skills. Fun and relaxation are also part of the AlfaPeople diet. Our Colombia office is equipped with a football table, a ping-pong table and board games, which aim to reduce the exhaustion that work activities demand while favoring team integration.

In AlfaPeople we care about professional integrity training, the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, principles and values.

In my time in AlfaPeople I have been able to observe a significant professional growth in my colleagues and myself. The company has given me the necessary tools to empower myself more and more in my role, as well as the confidence to propose new alternatives and ideas for the continuous improvement of processes in my area.

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