Three reasons why IBGC chose AlfaPeople to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Sep 04, 2019

Three reasons why IBGC chose AlfaPeople to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365

When it came to designing and implementing a complete overhaul of their relationship management strategies, the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) didn’t think twice: they opted for the solutions offered by AlfaPeople, with full confidence they could achieve their desired results and make a qualitative jump in their engagement strategies.

Given their importance and reach throughout Brazil, the IBGC felt that they needed to completely redesign the management of their relationships with stakeholders. The institute was also focused on improving their relationships with the participants of their courses and events, as well as other players in the fight for better corporate governance. The institute also needed to overhaul its website.

Why did IBGC choose AlfaPeople and Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a tool for addressing all areas of contact with the various stakeholders of the IBGC. We expect to make a qualitative leap forward and improve our relationship processes as a fundamental part of our IBGC digital transformation strategy”, said IBGC’s Reginaldo Ricioli, Superintendent of Operations and Relationship.

It was through a referral from Microsoft that IBGC came to AlfaPeople for the business solutions they needed to achieve their goals. The evaluation process included five top-tier suppliers.

“AlfaPeople brings to this partnership its assertiveness, professionalism and customer focus, attributes it has demonstrated consistently since our early conversations,” adds Ricioli.

According to IBGC, AlfaPeople was chosen on the following grounds:

1. Information unification

One of the main strong points of the delivery design proposed by AlfaPeople was the unification of information coming from their CRM to the new website, which will bring greater benefits for their management and more efficiency in the elimination of redundancies between existing applications. This should mitigate several risks and eventual conflicts during each phase of the project.

2. Integration with the platform already used by IBGC

IBGC currently uses Office 365 and Sharepoint — which runs their Knowledge Portal — and other Microsoft tools. Since Dynamics 365 is fully integrable with other Microsoft business products, the choice of solution was clear to IBGC.

3. Improvement in partner relationship management

One of the IBGC’s strategic planning goals is to improve partner relationship management. The institute is confident Dynamics 365 will help it achieve these goals, since the platform unifies information about stakeholders, such as a history of the courses taken; participation in events; and, most important of all, the possibility of evaluating the level of engagement stakeholders have with IBGC and its cause.

Dynamics 365 also offers the best resources to reach audience interested the IBGC’s goals surrounding corporate governance – either by downloading content from the IBGC’s Knowledge Portal or participating in events, where stakeholders can immediately gain access to the latest and most up-to-date information.

IBGC expects to make a qualitative jump in the relationship of their relationships and partnerships with a fundamental step forward in the entity’s digital transformation strategy.

What does the IBGC do?

The IBGC is a non-profit organization that has pioneered the development of better corporate governance practices in Brazil. Since 1995, the entity has made significant contributions to performance of government organizations urging for improved transparency, justice, and accountability.

To achieve those goals, IBGC works extensively on content production, committees and working groups, and establishing strong productive relationships with legislate and executive organizations to disseminate ideas for better corporate governance. Content is disseminated through courses, training and professional certification programs, forums, lectures, and other events.

Based in São Paulo, the IBGC also acts regionally in Minas Gerais, Ceará, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Catarina. It also hosts Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) activities in Brazil and is a part of the Institutos de Gobierno Corporativo de Latino América (IGCLA) and of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI), a group which brings together institutes related to governance and boards of directors from around the world.

AlfaPeople brings its professionalism and client focus – attributes which we have demonstrated since our first conversations with IBGC. If you believe AlfaPeople could be your next and best partner, please contact us today to speak with a consultant or take a free trial of our products!