New retail trends presented to Costa Rican entrepreneurs
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Feb 20, 2017

New retail trends presented to Costa Rican entrepreneurs

On February 16, AlfaPeople Central America and Retail Realm joined forces to bring the new technological trends of retail of 2017 to Costa Rican entrepreneurs. The event was held in the Chamber of Commerce and was attended by approximately 30 companies from verticals such as production, manufacturing, services, food, government, distribution and sales.

Andrea Vesga, speaker of Retail Realm, stressed that one of the most important trends is attracting the generation of Millennials (from 21 to 34 years now), as they will account for half of the global consumption by 2018 and it is considered that for in 2025 they will be 75% of the world’s working force.

Another of the guidelines for this 2017 is to become a true omnichannel business, this is achieved through the centralization and interconnection of interactions with customers through the use of a single System: AX for Retail. The omnichannel experience builds bridges of communication with the consumer, regardless of the way the interaction unfolds and creates an integrated experience for the user.

AX for retail allows its users to have all the company information from any point of sale and access to an overview of the business in order to be able to intervene in the scenarios that are developed during the daily management. Dynamics AX for Retail provides innovative and efficient solutions to establish relationships in line with the interests of the consumer, this facilitates optimal and longer loyalty.

With this solution, retailers can deepen their understanding of consumer behavior, which serves to generate a whole chain of operations supported by the point of sale, store management, marketing, distribution, and supply chain taking full advantage of a complete ERP integration.