AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring: Slash license costs and boost ROI from your Dynamics 365 set-up
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Mar 23, 2020

AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring: Slash license costs and boost ROI from your Dynamics 365 set-up

AlfaPeople is thrilled to announce the incorporation of yet another service to our Application Management Service (AMS) suite, designed to support our customers to access the full benefits and gain best ROI from their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM set-up. It’s called the AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring.

The AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring tracks your user pattern across an agreed timeframe providing you with the right insights into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM user behavior among every single user in your organization.

Based on this data tracking, we conduct a full analysis and provide you with deep insights into user behavior. The value to be drawn from the Usage Monitoring experience cover three key business areas:

1. License costs

Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing and defining the right combination of licenses for can be a challenge, with organizations of all shapes and sizes often struggling to make the right decision. With the Usage Monitoring, you can gain the right type of insights to finally determine the best ROI-driven combination of licenses for your organization. AlfaPeople recently helped a customer save almost 40% on their Dynamics 365 licenses!

2. User Adoption

How well your users adopt newly implemented business applications is very important for strong ROI. The Usage Monitoring delivers valuable and rich granular insights into your organization’s user-level adoption. This means you can point out exactly where to implement initiatives in your organization that strengthen user adoption.

3. GDPR Compliance

With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, many organizations began feeling the weight of uncertainty with regards to their compliance with GDPR, as well as the integrity of their data generally. With our Usage Monitoring, you can document every user’s access to data.

Find more information about how the AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring can benefit your organization here. You can also reach out to us directly on +45 70 20 27 40 or email

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