Start&Go™ Real Estate

Integrate teams and processes,
opening new business horizons

Start&Go™ Real Estate
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​​Have a complete view of your customers and each real estate development with Start&Go™ Real Estate.
With it, you use a single platform that gathers the sector’s best-practices and integrates Marketing,
Sales and Customer Service, through a powerful platform with an easy-to-use interface.​ 

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Ready-to-use solution

With rapid deployment, Start&Go Real Estate becomes ready for use after a short period of just a few weeks. After that, it is still possible to expand its functionalities in tailor-made projects.

Check out the benefits below:

Meets the needs of real estate

The AlfaPeople Real Estate solution consolidates the main business needs of real estate, making it easier to manage and solve challenges. Because it is a solution developed specifically for this segment, it has features for prospecting, sales, and customer service that are more adherent to the market’s best practices. With several use possibilities and automation, processes become more efficient, exceeding customer expectations and putting your business ahead of the competition.

Incorporate an integrated view of the process in a single solution

Instead of relying on several systems for specific needs, use just one and centralize business data and processes, enabling a 360º view of real estate development and the entire history of customers. The AlfaPeople Real Estate solution offers an integrated perspective with different access permissions, according to each type of user, whether internal, third party, or partner , allowing more organization and agility in activities, generating more reliability and control of records, and facilitating management and more assertive decision-making.

Built on a world-class platform

AlfaPeople Real Estate is created within Microsoft Dynamics 365, a world-class platform that is a reference in quality and used all over the worldIn addition to having all of the most used functionalities, it is possible to modulate and expand the use of the solution to different countries, facilitating the scalability of the business. Because it is in the cloud, there is no need for an expensive server structure to maintain it.

Return on investment in the short and medium terms

Implemented in just a few weeks through AlfaPeople’s acceleration methodology, Start&Go Real Estate allows the quick use of the solution, with functionalities that meet the main demands of the real estate market , bringing immediate results. It is also possible to customize the tool according to other specific needs of your business with later projects, separately.

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Some of the Start&Go™ Real Estate modules are:
LandBank, which is repository ofof land and lots information; Marketing, for the management and
prospecting of leads; Sales, for contact and negotiation with interested parties;
and Customer Service, with a focus on opening and managing service incidents and technical assistance.

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A specific solution for the real estate market

Build a complete history of customer relationships from the first contact, using a tool that comprises the sector’s best practices and delivers efficiency and optimization in customer service. Start&Go™ Real Estate allows greater integration between teams and third parties, with data centralization, and the  results are enhanced through useful functionalities in the organization, pre- and post-sales process. 

Boost real estate business by integrating processes into a single solution!

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