Employee profile: Meet our CRM specialist Rupali Melekar
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Jan 07, 2020

Employee profile: Meet our CRM specialist Rupali Melekar

CRM specialist – Rupali Melekar works as a Dynamics CRM Solution Architect but also participates as a Senior CRM Developer on selected projects. Rupali joined AlfaPeople from the offshore team in India in 2015, moving to Copenhagen from Mumbai in 2017.

I love all the technical side of working with computers. I have been doing that since I was a child. In India, all small children would like to be engineers or doctors. I also dreamed of becoming a doctor – until computer science came to my school in the 5th grade. From there, my interest in computers grew bigger and bigger. I remember that I loved building and playing with the basic programming in Qbasic. Later, I trained myself in IT, and although I have a master’s degree in Global Management, the best jobs are when tasks are highly technical.

What fascinates me most about working with computers is that I can be creative. I like the process of translating creativity into a computer system.

My professional focus is that my work must speak for itself. Whatever I deliver, it must be of high quality and the work must be done with great commitment. It’s the combination of these two things I want to be recognized for.

There are many differences in the working environment in India and the working environment in Denmark. In Denmark, people are better at appreciating employee skills. In India, a workplace is characterized more by hierarchies, and there is a lot of politics. Overall, I think that you are respected much more as a person here in Denmark.

I’m also very pleased with the work-life balance we have in AlfaPeople. In India, I worked many hours in the office and also spent a long time commuting back and forth to work. So there was hardly time to do anything privately. That’s not how it is at AlfaPeople Denmark. Here leisure time is respected as a human need and as part of the work-life balance. This factor, among others, was something that made me certain that I wanted to move to Denmark when I was offered the position.

I am trying to learn the Danish language, but it is difficult. Especially the pronunciation. I recognize some Danish words in writing, but it is difficult to follow a conversation. AlfaPeople has actually begun to hold its regular Townhall meetings in Danish. Otherwise, foreign workers never learn to speak Danish. The Danes are so good at English that they just switch languages when they talk to one, and then you will not be forced to try. But I would like to learn Danish. My Danish customers should be able to communicate with me in the language they are most comfortable with. CRM specialist.

When I relocated to Denmark, AlfaPeople helped me with everything from negotiating terms with my previous workplace to finding a new apartment and getting settled in the country. There is also a great focus on social events, where you can find a cross-section of cultures and nationalities. The latest event was a gin tasting and we were also out driving go-carts recently – I did not win.

In the future, I’m looking forward to sailing in our boat, “Kontoret”, with my colleagues. The boat is located on a dock outside our office, so we can enjoy a nice trip around the canals of Copenhagen after a working day when the weather is good. It had helped me develop a greater understanding of the Danish society when I participate in the social events, and my Danish colleagues are always teaching me a little more about local customs. It’s one of the things that helps a new arrival settle in much faster. All in all, I’m really happy working at AlfaPeople and living in Denmark

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