Magnetic Employee Management. The Key Importance of Employees in the Company
AlfaPeople |
Dec 10, 2018

Magnetic Employee Management. The Key Importance of Employees in the Company

Modern technological trends, such as digitization and artificial intelligence, are the focus of many considerations and changes at companies these days. But what about the person who is not only a customer, but also an employee at the company?

Under the heading ?Magnetic Employee Management?, G?tz Braake from W.I.R. gewinnt is focusing on people. He makes it clear that not only is a technological change happening right now, but also a social change that is considerably affecting the working world of today and tomorrow, and therefore also the people who are right in the middle of it.

The change in attitude towards living and working can be seen among the young employees now joining companies and will certainly also be seen among the next generation. Among other things, a balance between work life and private life, flexible working hours and sufficient recognition for one’s own performance are of great importance when choosing an employer. This should be taken into consideration when looking for new employees at companies.

This includes an active communication strategy of the company, both internally and externally. Companies should focus on their advantages as employers. All measures that help in product marketing can be applied to employee marketing in the same way. It is important to know what the desired employees should be like and where they should get their information. What benefits can the employer bring to the table? Added value must be visible in the job advertisements, on the website homepage and in the social media channels. As an employer, the company must have an attractive effect like a magnet.

G?tz Braake provides important incentives for recruiting employees. 90% of all potential applicants find out about a potential new employer on the company’s website. It’s bad when there’s no information because the job or career page is hidden somewhere in the footer. Every visitor to the company website is a potential applicant. A separate landing page for the job search should be found in the main navigation and the company’s own employees should have their say as ambassadors of the company. That?s what AlfaPeople does.

A lack of skilled workers is a problem in many areas of the economy. Only those who act now will establish a strategy for recruiting and retaining employees while taking the needs of future employees into account.

Employee motivation is crucial for a company. G?tz Braake mentions some interesting findings from a Gallup study:

  • Only 15% of employees are highly dedicated and have an emotional attachment to their job
  • 70% of employees feel no real commitment to their work
  • 15% of employees are even actively undedicated
  • Emotionally invested employees have 57% fewer days absent
  • Only 7% of those who are actively undedicated would recommend a job with their own employer (vs. 68% of those who are highly dedicated)
  • Economic loss due to internal termination per year: approx. EUR 118 billion

Conclusion: Employees are a company?s most important resource, not only for completing tasks, but also for continuing to develop the employer brand. If employees are included right from the start, the sense of togetherness is strengthened, and level of motivation increases at the same time. The magnet of motivating employee management then not only attracts new employees, but also keeps them with the company.

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