AlfaPeople supports its Clients with Data Synchronization in Real-Time


The vast number of processes involved in running both front and back office functions can be overwhelming, so it’s always important for organizations to review solutions and infrastructure that can make these processes simpler and easier.

AlfaPeople works with both VAR (value-added resellers) and systems integrators, who can take advantage of our expertise in both process integration and experience in running a number of platforms, to quickly configure and deploy projects for their clients and build their own product and service portfolio. Separately, software manufacturers and SaaS providers can build on the available platforms to bolt-onto their own applications and as a result, increase their market reach and share.

Using a single integration platform, in our case one of two available from Scribe Software, means that it’s achievable to integrate all live databases, cloud-based services and business systems including CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems. This can be done with less budget, fewer team resources and shorter timespan than has previously been possible.been possible.

The benefits of implementing customised integration(s) using Scribe, are:

  • Lower costs for developing and maintaining integrations. Due in part to the easy-to- use, visual, ‘drag and drop’ tools, development costs can be reduced by 70% or more.
  • The development of a more agile organization that can adapt to changing applications and integration requirements more quickly.
  • Faster deployments for both initial and ongoing development timeframes. When compared with writing custom code for other application programming interfaces, deployment times can be reduced by more than 90%.
  • Intelligent automated processes reduce or remove the need for manual data entry and cut down on errors.
  • Providing service teams with real-time access to data means they can resolve customer issues first time, enhancing overall customer service rates.
  • Enhanced management information, thanks to integrated and common data sets throughout the business leads to a culture of ‘trust’ in organisation data and improved decision-making.
  • Enhanced reporting with easy access to business data that can be used for both reporting and analytics purposes.

TThere are two Scribe integration platforms to choose from, depending on whether an on-premise or cloud solution will best suit the client. Scribe Online leverages the flexibility, stability, convenience and security of the cloud, with a service that’s available anywhere, anytime through an internet connection. Scribe Insight is deployed on-premise, providing a range of technology and application connectors to enable full control of integration for front-office and back-office systems. Whichever choice is right for you, Scribe can solve even the most complex of integration challenges involving any combination of cloud and on-premise systems and data.

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