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Sep 06, 2022


Financial Services
Microsoft Dynamics

“We felt very supported by AlfaPeople during the entire process since they understood precisely the needs of our organization and were able to efficiently manage the integration of processes across departments.”

Hilda Cristina Álzate, Vice President of Operations

Business Needs

The National Development Bank, Findeter, was created by the central Government in Columbia to finance and promote the development of sustainable infrastructure. It supports both public and private projects by providing rediscount loans, issuing guarantees, managing public funds and facilitating project structuring services. It also supports the regions with comprehensive and sustainable solutions for projects that are focused on the welfare of the local population.

To handle large volumes of funds and the related processes involved, Findeter was using multiple specialised systems provided by different suppliers operating on a mixture of systems architecture and platforms. The organisation wanted to simplify and streamline its technical support structure in order to carry out more efficient processes, reduce administration costs as well as support improved technical integration and maintenance.

Findeter began to search for a flexible, cost-effective and practical solution to meet their needs and address a number of tactical issues, many of which stemmed from the process of unifying data from the various systems and which had even, on occasion, caused financial discrepancies. There was also a need for the business to generate improved, timely information to feed into and aid decision-making.

The new solution would encompass and integrate financial process in the areas of Accounting, Financial, Fixed Assets and Banks. This would also help to produce real-time information, reducing risk and errors, improve controls and ensure that Findeter was fully compliant with Columbian public budget law.


Findeter has a complex and a highly critical responsibility of managing financial processes within the public sector, with a strong focus on robust budget control. The organisation selected AlfaPeople to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX into the business, due to its user-friendly structure and dashboards and would be familiar to those already using other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL. It was also incorporated into the CORE BANKING function. Overall, Microsoft Dynamics AX met 85% of the corporation’s requirements as outlined in their RFP, with AlfaPeople able to deliver a solution in its proposal that was within Findeter’s budget.

Hilda Cristina Álzate, Vice President of Operations at Findeter said: “Thanks to AlfaPeople the transition plan for implementation was transparent. We moved from one system to another and during this process we felt very supported due to their understanding of our organisation. The integration process between the different areas was efficient and this also allowed us to receive timely information throughout. We have relied on the experience from AlfaPeople consultants to implement new features in the company and been supported continuously.”


Robust decision-making

The senior management team at Findeter now has updated, timely and reliable information to make strategic decisions in a more assertive way. As Daniel Alejandro Camargo, Professional (Technology Management) at Findeter commented: “I am convinced that thanks to the support and knowledge of AlfaPeople, now have an excellent solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. The excellent implementation has created advanced functionality and process quality. This project has resulted in the optimisation of our processes and a higher quality information that enables us to operate and make decisions in a better way.”

Increased profitability

Management costs were reduced thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX being able to replace several applications from different suppliers. Specifically the support and software updates were highly advanced, so Findeter’s IT processes became highly optimised, resulting in an effective cost reduction in that department.

Powerful processing

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, Findeter was able to achieve greater capacity in handling the myriad of processes that were previously completed manually and outside the various systems. The solution provided stable tracking and controls, meaning the organisation increased its ability to implement new projects and initiatives.