Are You Using IoT to Maximize Your Customers’ Retail Experience? (You Should)
AlfaPeople |
Jun 11, 2018

Are You Using IoT to Maximize Your Customers’ Retail Experience? (You Should)

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides retailers with great “tech tools” for gathering information about their business. But there’s one retail area where IoT shines — it helps retailers create the ultimate customer experience.

With access to the right IoT applications, you can elevate your customers’ retail experience for greater repeat business, brand loyalty, and sales.

Where IoT meets customer service

Of course, a positive shopping experience hinges on outstanding customer service. And if your sales team can quickly access information about customers’ needs, they can create an experience that brings shoppers back again and again.

That’s where your IoT retail applications come in…

You can use your IoT inputs, such as incident reports, customer surveys, and reviews and call center activities to create successful retail customer experiences. With this valuable information, you’re in a position to:

  1. Maximize your promotional efforts – if you know your customers’ preferences, you can create personalized campaigns that put the perfect product in front of shoppers at just the right time.
  2. Stay ahead of incidents and adapt – take your customer service to a new level by anticipating customers’ needs, adjusting to their concerns and providing personalized service.
  3. Get the most out of mobile devices – when an in-store employee can ‘see’ what the customer wants — in real-time on a device — they can provide an ultra-enhanced shopping experience.
  4. Boost add-on sales – accessory “up-selling” and “customers also bought” promotions will expand shoppers’ purchase options and increase your sales.
  5. Delight your customers – with immediate access to consumers’ purchase histories and browsing behaviors, you can create irresistible promotions.

Inject your retail experience with IoT technology

Internet-of-things technology creates opportunities for you to access, analyze and correlate new data resources across all your retail channels.

And the more streamlined your IT structure, the easier it is to improve your customer-focused efforts. So, imagine…

Unifying your ERP and CRM functions

With cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365’s combined ERP and CRM, you can shape successful marketing campaigns and customer experiences, while increasing the efficiency — and profitability — of your retail business.

In fact, the ability to collect and analyze customer data allows you to enhance customers’ experiences and maximize sales opportunities within your specific retail sector. That means you can…

1. Capitalize on the retail “point-of-decision”

In general retail, from apparel to supermarkets, you can collect data before the final transaction.

That’s because wireless devices and systems allow you to enhance the customers’ shopping experience at the crucial decision-making point — such as at the “new arrivals” rack or in the chocolate aisle.

That includes monitoring product performance, customers’ buying habits and inventory changes.

2. Monitor functions remotely

You can use built-in IoT features to remotely track your business’ functions. That might consist of optimizing product availability by receiving alerts for depleted stock or saving time and money by creating more efficient driver routes.

3. Manage transactions, maintain equipment and ensure safety

Your retail business has many moving parts, requiring constant attention.

In food service operations, for example, cloud-based IoT applications can ensure efficient table-side credit card transactions, as well as precision monitoring of back-of-house refrigerator and oven temperatures. And that means greater profitability, reduced operating costs and the prevention of foodborne illnesses.

Thrill your customers with the help of IoT

As a retail operation, your IoT “machine-to-machine” technologies can help you create a memorable shopping experience for your customers that’s not only desirable but imperative to your business’ success.

When it comes to maximizing your customers’ retail experience, you need the right IoT tools to analyze your current marketing efforts and manage your future strategies. That’s where the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform comes in. Ask us how our Microsoft Dynamics can help you delight your customers and increase your bottom line.