How to deliver the ultimate retail customer experience (every time)
AlfaPeople |
May 21, 2018

How to deliver the ultimate retail customer experience (every time)

Guaranteeing a fully integrated retail customer experience — every time — is not easy. However, with a focused team effort and powerful retail system solution, you can delight your customers and turn them into word-of-mouth brand promoters.

Get to know your customers

If you know what your customers expect, from the moment they land on your homepage to the first time they use your product or service, you can tailor their experience to meet all their needs and desires.

For example, does your website feel personal to the customer? Can they pay with one click on their device, on the run?

With the help of a dynamic retail platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365, your team can track customers’ product preferences then suggest related items. They can also optimize the checkout procedure, creating a positive (and memorable) brand experience.

Make mobile personal

More often, customers buy products and services on a mobile device. So, when they interact with your brand on their phone or tablet, they want an easy-to-use application.

That includes:

  • Fast access to product details, such as product availability, comparisons and alternatives
  • Simple signup and login fields
  • Responsive display

Additionally, while your customers enjoy a streamlined mobile platform, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based application will provide your sales team with valuable data to help them personalize your customer’s mobile shopping experience.

Monitor social media like a hawk

What are your customers saying about their experience with your brand on social media? Their comments provide valuable data to help you mold and improve their shopping experience.

Of course, your customer reviews — good and bad — require close attention and, if necessary, immediate action.

With efficient social-monitoring tools, you can respond quickly to any emerging problems. Your team can also collect data on customer preferences and follow-up with strategic promotional incentives.

Create a seamless in-store and online experience

Customers like the flexibility of shopping where and when they like. Whether they’re talking to your associate at the register or adding items to their online cart, they want their experience to feel seamless — and interchangeable.

With real-time data at your fingertips, you can create an in-store/online retail experience that will expand your customers’ buying options and opportunities. And that means increased sales.

Optimize all your retail functions

Your customers interact with your brand at many levels. From Point of Sale (POS) to inventory management, product delivery to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), each “moving part” contributes to your customer’s shopping experience.

But maximizing every level of service — monitoring all your retail functions — requires a sophisticated omni-channel approach.

That includes managing critical information at each point of the customer’s journey. With this detailed data view, you can see what’s working well and quickly adjust what needs to work better.

Happy customers grow your brand

As customers move through the buying cycle, they want a great experience. And when they finish their transaction — happy — they tell their friends and co-workers about their fantastic experience with your brand.

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