AlfaPeople Opened Big Doors For My Career Development
AlfaPeople |
Apr 26, 2019

AlfaPeople Opened Big Doors For My Career Development

The switch from industry to a service environment meant a complete readjustment of my skills and career plan. It was extremely exciting to join AlfaPeople, one of the world’s largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. In my first few weeks, I focused specifically on the realignment of my skills to new tasks and to the particularities of the IT world. Looking back, I can already see how joining AlfaPeople has opened up a world of opportunities for my professional development as well as giving me a unique space in which I can expand on my previous knowledge and experience.

My name is Vanessa Schmieder and I have been part of the AlfaPeople Germany team since January 2019. I work as a PMO specialist in the field of project controlling where I support internal processes. My tasks include ensuring process and resource-optimized utilization of employee working hours within their respective customer projects. I also work closely with our engagement manager. I have core tasks in the areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, including the PSA module (project management module) and SharePoint administration.

AlfaPeople offers a structured, organized and yet highly individualized working environment. AlfaPeople uses its own value orientation, reliability and communication transparency within the team as well as towards customers to be genuine and competent.

At AlfaPeople, I feel I am pursuing long-term objectives in which my colleagues and I are encouraged and deployed to tasks, in flat hierarchies, according to our core strengths. AlfaPeople is focused on its core competencies and develops these continuously. Work processes are never tied down to the “here and now”, but instead orientated to the future demands of customers. In general, it is a company that encourages us to think outside the box and to keep our eyes firmly set on innovations that will offer our customers individual advantages – products like Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are a few examples.

So far, I have experienced an open and transparent corporate culture at AlfaPeople, which generally incorporates employees in key decision-making processes. AlfaPeople teams usually support each other in an unprompted manner and then work together to find solutions for their respective tasks and goals. From the viewpoint of having spent just a few months at the company, this special type of engagement among colleagues triggers a high level of personal satisfaction, which also spills over into the quality of our interactions with customers.

I am thrilled to be contributing my strengths toward the areas of organization, process structuring and project control in this multi-tiered work environment, and to fully support the focus of AlfaPeople’s management on customer and employee experiences. A number of variables are at play at AlfaPeople that ensure as an employee you feel satisfied. AlfaPeople operates in a dynamic and expanding market environment with a clear focus on the Microsoft roadmap. For me, AlfaPeople combines the ability to pass on its own experiences and useful work methods to the customer from their own “trial and error” applications. From my observation of its workflows, AlfaPeople can be described as a conscientious partner that proactively reimagines customer processes and, in addition to implementation and support, also engages with customers to evaluate trends and develop advantages from these trends.

In a nutshell, I believe AlfaPeople meets and exceeds many standards which, at other companies, are often handled very differently in theory and practice. Its values are fundamentally relevant in any healthy work environment, which is what I have experienced as a new team member at AlfaPeople.