Why I choose to work with AlfaPeople
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Jan 03, 2020

Why I choose to work with AlfaPeople

At AlfaPeople Denmark, we have +30 colleagues who work together across teams and roles every day to give our customers the very best experience and of course have a fun, exciting and educational day of work.

We caught up with Ameed Sheikh, a Senior CRM Solution Architect, between a couple of projects of his. Ameed is from Pakistan and has worked for AlfaPeople for 5 years.

We asked Ameed to give us 5 reasons why he enjoys working in the AlfaPeople team:

1 – Flexibility and a strong work-life balance

Largely why I chose to work for AlfaPeople was the focus on work-life balance, which has meant I can enjoy some flexibility and ensure I maintain a happy family life. It means a lot to have the opportunity to work from home when the plumber needs to stop by or my kids are sick. For others, it offers flexibility in terms of accessing the office – movement can be really bad in Copenhagen. And I am absolutely sure that it offers value for AlfaPeople as a company, too.

2 – Kayak and boat trips right outside the door

Our office building is right next to one of Copenhagen’s canals, and water views always do something positive to one’s mind and mood. On every sunny day, we sit outside on the wooden deck by the water and eat our lunch, enjoying the lively surroundings, people bathing and boats sailing past, and when work is over, I sometimes use the office kayaks and go for a ride in the canals. It cleanses your mind from the day’s work. It’s fantastic and a lot of my colleagues enjoy it.

3 – Working in an international environment

I work both in Denmark but also abroad, so I’m in an international environment every day. I travel a lot, but when I’m in the office, I have colleagues from 14 different countries. This means that we have a lot of interesting things to talk about and to learn. The Danes have other traditions than my family has – and it’s always super fun and interesting to gain insight into my many colleagues’ traditions and of course Danish traditions.

4 – Lots of focus on the social aspect of work

At AlfaPeople Denmark, we have a very active Staff Association. It’s always liberating to socialize with colleagues outside of work, so you get to know them even better. We have an event about every other month, ranging from an off-the-cuff trip to the cinema, a casino night, go-karting and, of course, the annual summer party and Christmas party. I believe it’s important to focus on the informal as it provides far better team bonding in everyday life and challenges can be solved much better. Recently, we participated in a spinning-event collecting money for the Danish Cancer Association. For 24 hours we had to keep the wheels of 2 bikes running – it was a fantastic thing to be a part of!

5 – Great focus on further education

Working for AlfaPeople, there is a strong focus on continuing education within respective areas, and this is very important to me for several reasons: I am constantly able to do my best with customers; I ensure that my market value is up-to-date; I have a fun working day because it’s always exciting to learn new things and stay informed; and I participate in exciting projects with customers, because I have the right skills in the areas I’m passionate about.

I am proud to be a part of AlfaPeople – it’s an exciting, innovative company to work in, and I can see myself working with my many great colleagues on exciting projects for a long time to come.