Interview with Victor Vicente Viteri Puente
AlfaPeople |
Jun 24, 2022

Interview with Victor Vicente Viteri Puente

Development Chief of Omarsa
Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

OMARSA is an Ecuadorian shrimp export company with more than 40 years of experience, committed to sustainable production, is the largest organic shrimp company in the world. Its production is committed to environmental actions and social responsibilities, focusing on food security, animal welfare and traceability.

We share this interview about the process of the client during its ERP selection:

Why did you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your ERP solution compared to others in the market?

Once the OMARSA Directive Committee took the initiative to proceed with a technological renovation in the organization with the purpose of integrating and managing the information of the different processes of the company, through the implementation of a world-class business management software., we proceeded with a rigorous selection process in which an executive committee evaluated the current and desired organizational situation identifying the gaps that can be solved with the help of an ERP system, especially with the processes of the value chain of food industry. Among the selection criteria that was considered the adaptability and sustainability of the system in relation to the growth of the company, transformation and innovations in business, native web nature and its natural integration with IoT, ML services, proving that of the analyzed alternatives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations covers the operational needs of Omarsa.

Why did you choose AlfaPeople as an ERP solution provider?

One of the reasons that led the company to make the decision to choose AlfaPeople as ERP solution provider was that it showed the greatest knowledge and experience in the solution. Likewise, it evidences flexibility and response times to our requirements superior than the competition. Its worldwide coverage and position in the market as well as its close relationship with the manufacturer, was a decisive factor.

What was the situation of the company before validating the implementation of Dynamics 365 operations?

Our situation was maintain an old solution, without support, which generated high-level problems and manual reprocesses to the organization.

What are the requirements that the company requests at a macro level?

Our requirements are that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, comprise the high value chain within our entire production process, as well as providing a high-level support to our entire back office.

What are the functionalities of the tool that AlfaPeople will implement for your company?

The functionalities of implementation are: purchases, sales, production, floor control, advanced warehouse management (WMS), payroll, country fiscal layer.

What are the expected benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations?

To have a solution that allows greater control of our production and logistics needs. Providing the business with a complete vision of the critical business chain with reliable information, at the right time and in a proactive way.

What is the area of ​​the business that will benefit the most?

Supply Chain Management and Senior Management.

How does this implementation contribute to the business vision in your company?

OMARSA has a vision of medium-term growth, which needs to be leveraged in a business technology solution that accompanies and offers business sustainability.

How did you perceive our presale service during the ERP selection process?

AlfaPeople’s pre-sales team interacted with all the business processes involved. With the team’s experience, they were able to determine the main points of pain/needs and establish possible opportunities for technological improvement.

How did you perceive our sales service during the ERP selection process?

The commercial team managed in a timely manner all the doubts and observations of our company, in areas of business processes, functionalities, requirements and technical support.