Sertecpet is an Ecuadorian company focused on providing products and services to the energy sector using leading technology. Although the energy industry in Colombia is going through a difficult period due to the low price of oil, this has not prevented Sertecpet from investing in technology. On the contrary, they keep on the way to improve and being at a competitive level and high status position on the market.

That is why Sertecpet decided to implement Dynamics AX and chose AlfaPeople, finding in us a trustworthy Partner which advised the best way to carry out such implementation in a more advantageous way in terms of cost benefit.

Sertecpet will initially include the implementation of Dynamics AX2012 R3 to support Financial, Purchasing, Sales, Billing and Inventory processes. Later, it is planned to extend the implementation to other processes as HR, Project Management and Services, which is the core of the business.

With this new client, we hope to consolidate our business position based on rapid implementations under a prototype model, focused mainly on clients with low level of complexity processes.