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Enjoy crystal-clear insights into how customers or service recipients engage with your organization. Tailor your products or services around their needs and behaviors. Focus your resources on high-value interactions – and deploy process automation and self-service tools for the rest. Unleash the full force of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service with leading global Microsoft partner AlfaPeople!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for organizations seeking to foster immediate satisfaction and deep-rooted loyalty among customers, clients, employees and partners. The service delivery game is changing – and fast! Now more than ever, organizations need to nurture and understand the people they engage with. With state-of-the-art tools to help your organization evolve with the major changes in technology, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s tools pool your customer or client data and optimize your daily activities into one intelligent, secure and integrated interface. Watch this short video to understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can work for you!

Video Dynamics 365 Customer Service Empowers Agents
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Unleash the benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can centralize your data and optimize your daily activities. Best of all, it’s fully integrable with Microsoft’s market-leading business technologies like Outlook 365. You can also operate securely on Microsoft’s Cloud, which is monitored and optimized around the clock.

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Proactive and predictive, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is comprised of a set of state-of-the-art tools and functions that allow your organization to inform its strategies, policies and processes with an integral understanding of interactions. Set smarter KPIs and report to a standard that only a 360-degree view of a customer or client can offer.

Data silos that build up behind cumbersome, outdated technology can not only leave your staff feeling frustrated and uninspired, they also undermine the hard work and commitment put into case resolution, causing task repetition and confusion, to name only a few problems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides your organization with modern automation and self-service tools so your staff, collaborating across departments, can focus on high-value interactions while delegating the rest to the technology. That means fewer escalations as well as faster, quality actioning, directly at the point of need.
Customers or clients don’t want to wait until 9 am the next morning for answers or access to case or account information. In fact, if you want them to engage positively with your products or services, you must be able to deliver quick and relevant answers on the channel they prefer. As a compliment to its core databasing and optimization functions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service incorporates a customizable Knowledge Base for automation and self-service well beyond office hours. Add-ons like CRM Web Portalstake it one step further with self-service tools for customers, and internal web portals with multiple functions for staff, providers and partners.

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