Highlights and News about Microsoft Business Applications, June
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Jun 19, 2024

Highlights and News about Microsoft Business Applications, June

Welcome to the June edition of Business Application News! In the past month, Microsoft has once again introduced numerous exciting developments and innovations to the market. Let’s take a look at them and explore the latest highlights from the world of Microsoft Business Applications.

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Announcement Of Dynamics 365 Contact Center

Modernizing Service Experiences with Generative AI

Generative AI is revolutionizing customer service by providing efficient, context-aware experiences across digital and voice channels. Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support (CSS) team has reduced average handling time by 12% and increased first-call resolution by 31% through the use of Copilot. Dynamics 365 Contact Center integrates generative AI for comprehensive self-service, intelligent routing, and real-time tools to support staff. This solution includes:

  • Next-Generation Self-Service: Sophisticated copilots for digital and voice channels offer personalized conversations.
  • Accelerated Service: Intelligent routing directs inquiries to the best-suited agent and provides real-time conversation tools such as sentiment analysis and translation.
  • Operational Efficiency: Real-time reporting optimizes operations and improves key performance indicators (KPIs).

These technologies enhance service quality and reduce costs by solving problems faster and increasing efficiency. They offer a significantly improved service experience for both customers and employees, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Build and the Book of News

Microsoft Build is an annual developer conference where Microsoft showcases the latest technologies and tools. It features keynotes, technical sessions, and workshops that provide developers with valuable insights and training.

Accompanying the conference, Microsoft publishes the “Book of News,” a comprehensive document summarizing all major announcements and innovations. This document serves as a central resource for developers and users to quickly get an overview of the latest developments.

The Build conference and the Book of News are essential resources for anyone wanting to stay updated on Microsoft technologies.

New “Tracked Components” Feature in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called “Tracked Components” in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This innovative solution allows manufacturing companies to track components within their supply chain and gain detailed insights into their origin, usage, and availability.

This enables companies to operate more efficiently, improve product quality, and better meet compliance requirements. “Tracked Components” offers enhanced transparency and control over the supply chain. With real-time data, users can quickly respond to changing conditions, avoid bottlenecks, and optimize delivery times. This functionality allows companies to make informed decisions and ensure an agile and effective supply chain.

New Development Paths with Copilots and Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft introduces innovative development approaches with Copilots and the Microsoft Power Platform. By integrating Copilots into the platform, developers receive intelligent support to write code faster and perform tasks more efficiently. This new development method promises a significant increase in productivity and efficiency in the development of applications and automations.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Copilot Studio provides context-aware suggestions and automated functions. These help to shorten development times and improve the quality of the software created. The integration of Copilots into the Microsoft Power Platform opens up new possibilities for developers to create innovative solutions.

The comprehensive solution offered by the Microsoft Power Platform for development, deployment, and management of applications and automations becomes even more powerful and versatile through this integration. This provides developers with the opportunity to gain competitive advantages and implement innovative projects more quickly.

New Efficiency Through Integration f Dynamics 365 Field Service

Many companies face fragmented systems and processes that lead to inefficiencies, delays, and poor communication. These issues can impair service quality and long-term customer satisfaction.

The integration of Dynamics 365 Field Service offers a solution to these challenges by enabling a seamless connection between various aspects of operations. By linking service orders, resource planning, and customer communication on a single platform, companies can optimize their operations and ensure more efficient service delivery.

This integration is now available and also offers advanced monitoring and management features, enabling companies to use real-time data to quickly respond to changing demands and improve customer satisfaction.

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We hope you enjoyed our first blog post on the latest news and highlights of Microsoft Business Applications! There’s much to discover, from exciting Power Platform updates to innovative Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management features. We look forward to continuing this series next month and presenting more exciting highlights. Do you want to know more about Microsoft Business Applications, Power Platform or Microsoft AI technology? Reach out to us here.