Interview with Daniel Vallejo
Jun 08, 2022

Interview with Daniel Vallejo

IT Coordinator of SERTECPET
Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

, an Ecuadorian multinational of oil products and services headquartered in the city of Quito, was founded more than 28 years ago facing challenges and revolutionizing the industry, with operations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Houston, Spain and Indonesia, it is an agent for industrial development and research at an international level, being the first Ecuadorian industry to provide Comprehensive Energy Solutions worldwide with great success, it has successfully implemented the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain solution for its operations.

We share an interview with you about the customer process during implementation:

What benefits has Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO brought to SERTECEPT?

As a SERTECPET organization is focused on digital transformation megatrends, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO solution has given us immediate benefits such as being able to generate better business processes, with better traceability and control through its embedded analytics layer, and all this within a cloud environment that allows us to work from any geographical point with internet access.

What business processes were implemented in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO?

•SERTECPET implemented the modules of:

  • • Purchasing, Supply and Inventory Management
  • • Master Planning Management
  • • Management of Production Administration, Projects and Services
  • • Commercial management
  • • Expense Management
  • • Administrative management
  • • Financial management

That cover all the macro and specific business processes.

What advantages or promise of value did SERTECPET obtain by implementing its solution with AlfaPeople?

The Dynamics 365 FO solution was implemented in SERTCEPET and let’s say the value we obtained from working with AlfaPeople was that from the first moment they put on our company’s shirt, committing themselves not only to implement what we proposed but also to provide suggestions for improvement, which were gratefully accepted by our internal project team.

What is the added value that you consider to have existed when implementing your solution with AlfaPeople?

Another fundamental advantage was the added value of the location of AlfaPeople for Ecuador, which allows us to have an exact tax reporting process, as well as consultations and control reports, very useful for our internal and external control and the audit team.

What other benefit can you mention when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO?

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO has allowed SERTECPET to reduce costs in the maintenance of servers housed in our offices, as well as of data contingency centers since Microsoft grants us a customer service agreement or SLA, which guarantees operational stability. Likewise, it is Microsoft who offers us geographic replication within the subscription of the solution.

How has your experience been as a user with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO?

The intuitive interface for the end-user, and native access to analysis dashboards made in Power BI, which allows the user to have a self-served panel of useful information for their day-to-day life.

What plans does SERTECPET have in the future?

SERTECPET is fully focused on developing innovative products and services oriented to renewable energies, with this objective in mind, we have the promise of value of Microsoft Dynamics 365FO that with its constant evolution and easy updating process, will allow us to adapt to future needs of our business.

What are the objectives of the implementation?

One of the objectives of the implementation is the integration of all the management in the company with a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes and generates direct access to information in real-time, allowing speed and accurate decision-making.

What area of your business benefits the most?

The areas that have had the most impact within the organization are:

  • •Purchases
  • •Production
  • •Logistics
  • •Sales
  • •Projects

Being the purchasing area the one that so far has generated the greatest impact.

How has the service and relationship you had with AlfaPeople been?

From the beginning we were looking for an organization that meets our high standards, in addition to complying with values that promote such as: excellence in service, trajectory, transparency and innovation in its processes for continuous improvement. For this reason, AlfaPeople was hired.