Serwiz builds a digital infrastructure
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Jun 10, 2022

Serwiz builds a digital infrastructure

Facility Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Serwiz uses Microsoft ERP solution to digitize and scale the core business

When the French market leader in food and facility management, Sodexo, in the spring of 2021 sold the Danish activities within the company to four senior employees, things suddenly had to move fast. Under the name Serwiz, the four employees built the new organization at a record speed. Including the digital infrastructure, which is the cornerstone of daily operations and the more long-term business development.

“Digitization of our business processes is the alpha and omega of our ability to support our customers through data. We came from an economic system that was old-fashioned, and where we were not able to realize our digital ambitions. So, when we had the opportunity to build everything from scratch, we chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which is a financial solution for the the future,” says Louise Feldt, Director of Sales and Business Development at Serwiz and one of the four members of the group of owners.

Invoicing is an open book

One of the focal points of Serwiz’s business model is an ‘open book’ approach to invoicing. It must be a 100 percent transparent process for customers, so that the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts over payment is minimized.

In connection with this the presentation of data and a detailed level of documentation are crucial for a positive customer experience.

“With the new system support, we can tell a company exactly what their expense is across all of our services – for example cleaning, catering or snow removal. And we can even do it for different locations if it is a company with several locations,” says Louise Feldt.

“In this way, when we digitize our core processes, we can scale easily in a profitable way. It has also been an important parameter for us when choosing the platform, because we have ambitious growth targets.”

Help with the work on sustainability

In addition to the increased transparency of the invoicing process and customer dialogue, Serwiz also emphasizes that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can help support the sustainability agenda.

“The way we think about sustainability in facility management is, if you can´t measure it, it does not exist. We need to be able to quantify, for example, levels of CO2 emissions otherwise it will not have an impact. With access to data from the Microsoft platform, we can support our customers’ journey towards becoming more sustainable by measuring the parameters that matter to them,” says Louise Feldt.

“It is the same mindset within ESG reporting that we at Serwiz would like to be at the forefront of. ESG reporting is about, among other things, the workers’ sickness absence, gender diversity and wage differences. It is important for us to be able to collect data that can document how we work with employees’ social conditions. Otherwise, it ends up as a free kick and empty speech.”

Laser precision implementation process

Serwiz took over the Danish part of the business on April 1, 2021. Louise Feldt knew an IT architect at AlfaPeople from before, and he was commissioned to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in just 5 months. An almost, unheard of tight deadline, but the project has run smoothly, she says.

“It has been a super positive process with AlfaPeople. Our regular consultant just knows his stuff. Although he did not know anything about facility management beforehand, he has shown a great business understanding and can with laser precision strike down the right things. He has also been great in understanding our desire to build an engine from scratch.

We must not do everything at once and create a monster. On the contrary, we have worked from a (MVP) Minimum Viable Product mindset, where we concentrate on the most important things first. Meantime we´ll lay the foundation to carry on in the long run. Considering how critical it has been for us to get up and running quickly with a new financial solution, and how the project has run, we are very satisfied with the process,” concludes Louise Feldt.

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