Diverse team – diverse tasks
AlfaPeople DE |
Jun 26, 2023

Diverse team – diverse tasks

At AlfaPeople, there are many opportunities to find an exciting job. Our fields of work are as diverse as our employees. On our career page you will find all current job offers. Here, our diverse team presents the diverse tasks in the AlfaPeople team.

The Big Testing

Ute Delkeskamp, Senior Business Consultant

After an update, not everything is automatically different than before, but: “We can’t know beforehand what exactly changes in the workflow!” For her and her team, this means testing, testing, testing! Among other things, Ute looks after release changes and software updates for our customers. The more individually the software is tailored, the more complex the project becomes. She tells us on the AlfaPeople blog how she makes good testers into very good testers with the appropriate text scripts: Read the whole post here!

Automatic success

Sven Endres, Head of Delivery

When Sven is involved in a project, success comes automatically. Our Head of Delivery is an expert in automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365. “Everyone is talking about this topic right now,” Sven knows: “AI is on everyone’s lips right now, and rightly so: automation practically saves cash!” By integrating the Power Platform, he and his team can map and control complex ERP processes with simple drag & drop applications. How Sven saved hundreds of thousands of euros in one project in the first year? Read here!

A bird’s eye view of project management

Vanessa Schmieder, Project Management Officer

Vanessa makes sure that all flexible factors of her projects stay in the right timeline – and that all stakeholders are always kept well informed. As a Project Management Officer (PMO), she is a communicator and multiplier: “A PMO is the interface to the customer,” is how she describes her job. She creates transparency – and thus trust. The biggest challenge for PMOs? Vanessa explains it here – read it now!

Mastering Successful Data Migration

Joao Diogo Freitas, Senior Business Consultant

Discover the secrets behind a successful data migration project in our latest blog post. Joao Diogo Freitas, an expert consultant in supply chain management, shares his journey of migrating a German biopharmaceutical company’s software to Microsoft Dynamics 365. With clear processes, effective communication, and meticulous attention to detail, Freitas and his team achieved a seamless transition. Find out how they overcame challenges and successfully introduced Finance, Sales, Procurement, and Supply Chain modules. Read more here.

Navigating Complex Projects with Success

Philipp Kaufmann, Senior Business Consultant

In the realm of supply chain management, tackling complex projects requires a strategic approach and powerful software. AlfaPeople’s Solution Lead for SCM, Philipp Kaufmann, demonstrates how he manages a multinational project with diverse companies and intricate supply chains. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, Kaufmann streamlines processes, embraces agile methodologies, and ensures seamless integration. With a dedicated team and an array of innovative tools, including Power Automate and Power Apps, AlfaPeople delivers automated solutions that enable their disruptive start-up client to achieve remarkable results. Read the full blog post to delve into the world of complex project management and transformative software solutions.

You can find these and many other exciting jobs in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 universe on our careers page. You are also welcome to contact us directly – we will support you on your way to joining our team!