Better analyses, automated reporting with Power BI
AlfaPeople DACH |
Apr 14, 2023

Better analyses, automated reporting with Power BI

Fast analyses and comparisons of different data sets, nicely prepared in no time at all – sounds too good to be true?! In fact, the dream can come true: With Microsoft Power BI! We explain what makes the tool so valuable for number crunchers in the field of analysis, reporting and business intelligence.

Simple user interface

No previous technical knowledge? No problem! Power BI not only lets you evaluate and visualise data quickly, but also in an easy way. With just a few clicks, you can share valuable business insights with your team, already nicely designed – and easily access them from mobile devices. This means that decisions on business processes can be made faster and better.

AI-powered analysis

Forget the tedious search for the most important number in the Excel jungle: Power-BI works with you to find out which data is important. The artificial intelligence of Microsoft Power BI supports you with real-time data analysis and corresponding recommendations for action – like an invaluable employee. Power BI detects anomalies in your data sets and can use historical data for forecasting. This works for different areas: While an IT expert might be more interested in error analysis or log data, a controller looks more at operational cash flow with the help of AI.

Better analyses, automated reporting Automation


Recurring tasks are important: only in this way can data be analysed and collected over a longer period in order to compile a powerful basis. Regular reports help to identify trends and patterns and to show developments. Writing the same report repeatedly, preparing it graphically and forwarding it time and time again is not much fun. Power BI is the solution here, too: with smart automation workflows, you can outsource these tasks to the software. Various company departments could benefit: Automated social media reports that measure the success of cross-platform campaigns are just as possible as a dashboard in which data from the sales module, CRM and marketing automation are combined.

Interactive features

Power BI is always in the cloud – and therefore accessible by all employees in your company. Whether you’re a start-up or a large corporation, take advantage of the opportunities that Power BI’s collaborative work and communication power offer you! Not only the dashboards, but even the graphics that Power BI provides are interactive – so that no detail remains hidden from your team.

Data integration

Data from different sources and file types – and in huge quantities? For Power BI, this is not a problem, but it’s core business. The software connects all data sources and incorporates the results into its analyses. Instead of exporting columns of figures into suitable formats, you can take care of other tasks and outsource the drudgery to Power BI. The data modelling runs automatically – so you keep an overview of the context of your data and their relationship to each other. In interaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI closes the loop by visualising its data in dashboards and reports.

Benefit from the advantages of Microsoft’s Power BI – we will be happy to advise you on the implementation. Please contact us!