Transform your financial operations with Dynamics 365 and become a strategist
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Dec 20, 2018

Transform your financial operations with Dynamics 365 and become a strategist

The role that technology plays in most companies and the way it is managed has dramatically changed in the past years. While spending on technology was once consolidated primarily for the IT department, today’s technology budgets are widely distributed throughout the organization.

We have to understand that this is more than just a number in a financial report and it is actually the vital element of many organizations, bringing opportunities of cost reduction or an increase of income that will determine the near future of the organizations. This becomes much clearer when considering the number of companies that have transformed their business models, consolidating digital assets, storage and ways of working in the cloud. Therefore, finance positions need to get to a more strategic point, with increasingly technology linked activities.

What is the profile of the financial future leader?

Finance professionals are increasingly evolving from the people who work just with numbers to financial strategists. To make this transition, financial teams must work faster and smarter. Technology as a critical operational component is continuously evolving to adapt to corporate change. For this reason, financial industry leaders are starting to understand that they have to embrace new challenges and responsibilities, in order to be able to deal with the present situation and create a better future for the organizations.

Ten years after the global financial crisis, a new generation has transformed the workplace and now, each business is called ‘technology business’. The rules of the game have changed therefore organizations that didn’t evolve fell in a growing cemetery of companies that were overpassed by enterprises with a vision of future. This is why finance roles should also adapt. Nowadays, the stereotype of finance people is changing and financial leaders are the links that connect technology throughout the organization, they are the muscle that fights risks, the brains that drive to innovation and the heart that embraces a new generation of workers. To thrive in today’s business environment, in a world of increasing complexity, organizations increasingly rely on the technological and strategic capabilities of their financial leaders. If one holds a manager or finance leader position, one has the opportunity to become a strategic advisor within the company structure.

Consider the following tips to help you overcome possible challenges:

  • Streamline Operations: Transitioning to strategic work requires that finance professionals spend less time on routine accounting tasks. Use tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase productivity while helping with workflow automation. Our objective is to help finance teams so they can spend more time on high-value strategic work.
  • Get Greater Visibility: To effectively guide their organizations, finance leaders require visibility into all areas of their business. By combining unified data in the cloud with powerful data visualization tools like Power BI. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides finance leaders a single source of data visibility into their organization, from a high level down to a transactional level, so they can make more accurate decisions.
  • Be More Proactive: To grow their businesses, finance leaders must look beyond the past and into the future. Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers leaders with tools to help them to automatically optimize workflows so that organizations can become less reactive and more proactive with their business strategies and operations.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 help financial leaders transform their operations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the new generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud, is the tool you need to streamline and improve processes, provide greater visibility of operations, and prove actionable information.

From the intelligent analysis of Power BI and the artificial intelligence capabilities of Azure, to the set of integrated and connected applications offered by Dynamics 365, Microsoft supports smart financial operations.


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