PSA In AlfaPeople Andino SA
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Jul 28, 2017

PSA In AlfaPeople Andino SA

What is PSA

The PSA suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete automation solution for professional project management services.

What is PSA for?

This suite allows your organization to:

  • Plan:
    • Forecast on business and project opportunities.
    • Availability of resources in the projects / support / product.
  • Do:
    • Assignment of activities in the corresponding project.
    • Time recording.
  • Check:
    • Sub / Over allocation of resources.
    • Time consumed.
    • Time recording.
    • Organizational efficiency.

Why work on PSA

The organization works with the suite for the following reasons:

  • It is a corporate tool.
  • Optimizes the availability and allocation of resources.
  • Optimizes estimation of costs and revenues of projects.
  • Optimizes the billing of the projects, according to the type of business agreement with the client (T & M hourly rate, Fixed Fee, Expenses billable, Expenses fixed fee, Recurring, Products)

When to use PSA

The suite is used:

  • To manage pre-sales opportunities, from time recording control.
  • In project / implementation project management.
  • In the management of support cases for installed base customers.
  • In the management of internal activities.

Who uses PSA

The suite is used by:

  • Consultants and Engineers, to register time.
  • Project Managers / Support Leader to manage projects / cases.
  • Director of Services for the availability and allocation of resources.

How to use PSA

    • Generating the Forecast

In each implementation project created in PSA, the Forecast option is set and the forecast value is defined (by hour or by fixed value)

      • Availability and Allocation

Resource availability is displayed by the sheet option. In this option, the available and assigned hours of the resource in a defined period of time are known. Additionally, depending on the number of hours allocated, PSA shows the level assigned by color, according to the table:

Colours and percentages, according to PSA

Grey – Highly underutilized: Indicates less than 50% of utilization
Purple – Underutilized: Indicates less than 80% of utilization
Green – Good utilization: Indicates between 80% and 100% of utilization
Yellow – Over-utilized: Indicates between 100% and 120% of utilization
Red – Highly 0ver-utilized: Indicates higher than 120% of utilization
White – Leave: Indicates that the user is not available (ex: PTO)

[/fusion_text][fusion_separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”” sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”center” class=”” id=”” /][fusion_text]The allocation of the resource is usually done according to project to which the resource has been assigned. It is important, once the resource is allocated to the corresponding activity, to update the utilization sheet from the Gantt chart of the project.

      • Time recording (Hours)

Each Project Manager / Consultant / Engineer records in PSA the hours worked, daily, using the option Timesheet.

      • Checking hours

Daily, by means of the Hours option, the corresponding time record is verified.

      • Approval of efficient hours

The Services Director / Project Leader / Support Leader approves the hours recorded by the Consultant / Engineer, in order to check organizational efficiency.

Where are we going with PSA

There are several options of the suite to be used, such as, among others:

      • Billing of the project, according to the negotiation terms with the client.
      • Strengthening of the budget of each project.