The power of technology to create relationships and business
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Jun 11, 2018

The power of technology to create relationships and business

Power of Technology – Today more than ever, sales seem to be driven by technology, social media and web connections. However, sales still depend on companies establishing a personal bond with customers through their service, information and the communication skills of their sales staff.

Relationship sales have become one of the most powerful tools in today’s marketing world. It is a resource that has transformed the way in which companies close their deals, based on personalized contact with the customer.

The customer comes first, and the sales team, too!

Transforming sales into a long-term personal relationship instead of a simple business transaction down the line is the objective behind CRM (Customer Relationship Manager); in other words, marketing for customer relations.

Building experiences and emotional bonds are central aspects of CRM’s strategies. Total satisfaction is a path that can be followed to earn customer loyalty and turn the consumer into a spontaneous promoter of the brand through their own personal networks.

But, how do you achieve quality relationships and experiences?

By using CRM software, the sales team can plan and manage relationships with customers in a more organized manner, interacting with them through a number of different communication channels and generating a database that allows them to effectively follow-up on any needs that may arise, thus creating more effective and successful campaigns.

Microsoft Relationship Sales: the power of technology to create relationships and business

Microsoft, always on the cutting edge of the digital transformation experienced by different industries, has added Microsoft Dynamics 365 to their technological resources, a cloud-based platform made up of comprehensive corporate resource planning applications that involve CRM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, including productivity (Office 365) and artificial intelligence tools (Cortana).

One of the said applications is Dynamics 365 Sales, a high performance module that enables improved management of marketing, sales, and corporate communication.

In order to offer new high-value tools to companies, Microsoft has created Microsoft Relationship Sales, which consists of the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the sales solution created by LinkedIn, the social network aimed at companies, businesses and employment, which currently has over 562 million users in more than 200 countries.

Advantages of Microsoft Relationship Sales

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales is an attempt to unify contacts, accounts and leads in order to centralize customer information and boost relationship sales, allowing you to design better strategies to help facilitate personalized, valuable interactions, leading to more sales.

In addition to the real-time visualization and access to information this tool has to offer, it also has a number of other advantages:

  • Interacting with the right profiles: by using predictive classification of potential customers, you can define which ones have the highest probability of conversion.
  • Thanks to the LinkedIn database, it’s easy to contact companies’ decision-makers.
  • Learn the best strategy to contact potential customers, such as leveraging a contact a purchaser and a salesperson might have in common on LinkedIn.
  • Select relevant and customized content for each purchaser thanks to smart content suggestions.
  • The tool has a status indicator for each relationship, which is calculated using CRM data, emails and social media, allowing you to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Allows you to monitor purchasers by analyzing their behavior on LinkedIn.
  • Helps coordinate sales and marketing teams.

According to Nucleus Research, you can increase the productivity of your sales team between 12% to 15% by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

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