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Jun 10, 2022


Real Estate
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“With the implementation of Dynamics CRM Online,
JHSF will learn more and more about our customers, enabling us to understand their needs
and offer a better and different service since the first contact.”

Rogério Pires, IT Director

Business Needs

JHSF Participaciones is a leading company in the high-income real estate sector in Brazil. The company operates in the residential and commercial markets incorporating large-scale mixed-use business. The company is recognized for pioneering in innovation and the ability to identify new business opportunities to generate highly positive impact on the regions.

In recent years, JHSF has introduced new types of businesses and services, such as management of shopping centers and luxury hotels, in addition to further developing residential and commercial projects.

JHSF has taken the lead among the real estate companies in the technological world, when making the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, the latest Microsoft version of software management in the cloud.

The implementation process led by AlfaPeople,Brazil, was divided into four phases and lasted 15 months. The main objective of the company was to offer a customized service to their current and future customers as of managing processes in every area with contact or related with customers, and offer a unique experience of customer support.

JHSF includes four business units: Development, mall, hotel and airport. Among its real estate projects, stand out large luxury projects in one of the largest cities in Latin America, São Paulo, Brazil, also in Punta del Leste, Uruguay and San Roque.

Their large volume of products and services in combination with a large number of areas in contact with customers, transformed managing customer relations in a challenge, once the company had no history of customer service and information east not centralized.

This was the time when JHSF realized that to offer services and products in accordance with reality and interest of its current and potential customers, it would be necessary to adopt a system allowing a 360 degree view of their customer, in addition to centralize their database and provide a convenient way to view all the information generated by the different areas of the company. The solution was to implement a pioneering CRM system of high quality, to build a unique database of customers from all divisions from JHSF, able to analyze every piece of information, focusing on the needs of those customers and to treat them different.


The Department of Information Technology of JHSF was responsible for finding a solution for the sales department, marketing and after-sales service, able to offer a wide view of customers at every stage and phase of the relationship service, not only identifying sales opportunities, but also providing better services and loyalty. After a market research, the chosen solution was Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. The choice of a new generation product is exactly in line with the philosophy of the company JHSF innovation. It is no coincidence that JHSF was one of the first customers to adopt the latest version of the software.

“With the implementation of Dynamics CRM Online, JHSF will learn more and more about our customers, enabling us to understand their needs and offer a better and different service since the first contact. Offer products capable of add value to them. Salespeople will consult a database interconnected between all areas of the company look up for analysis purposes the profile, and with this synergy, we will know whether a customer is interested in a property in Boa Vista or in our new company, Catarina, for example “, says Rogério Pires Prado, JHSF’s TI director.

Choosing AlfaPeople as consultant to carry out this implementation was also a decisive factor, according to Pires. “We search for a high reference in our market and also we have the commitment of Microsoft itself, which supported us all the time,” says the executive.



Having centralized all information about current and future customers , updated and available to different areas of the company, allowed JHSF to offer a better attention to clients, but also to speed up productivity.

Focus on customers

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, JHSF was able to focus its business and plan launching products and services based on the needs and interests of its clients. In addition, the company was able to provide better services on the basis of centralization of information and historic service.


JHSF was the first company in the real estate sector to invest in a CRM project in the cloud in order to focus on the best interests and needs of its customers. This decision was important for the company branding as well as for its relationship with current and future customers.