Key Retirement’s Digital Transformation Story Published in Business Review Europe
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May 02, 2017

Key Retirement’s Digital Transformation Story Published in Business Review Europe

We are pleased to share the success of AlfaPeople customer, Key Retirement, who have been published in Business Review in relation to leadership in digital transformation. Key Retirement, running under the wider KR Group worked with AlfaPeople, to implement customer relationship management solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Responding to a rapid shift in transformation in the Financial Sector generally as well as Fintech, Key Retirement has endeavoured to stay ahead of the wave of innovation through modern IT. Technology has had a vital role in Key Retirement’s positioning as top of mind for over 55’s ‘seeking to safeguard and maximise income from property and retirement assets’ as the ageing demographic grows. In the article, Chief Technology Officer, Darren Halliwell states,

“[Digital Transformation] is very much about remaining number one, maintaining our position as a market leader and continuing to innovate and grow that market.”

The customer-centric solution supplied by AlfaPeople has supported this goal greatly for Key Retirement.

Working with Key Retirement’s IT Team, AlfaPeople supplied a solution that will allow for ongoing growth and development which prioritises the needs and demands of the modern ageing population. From acquisition, through to the delivery of services, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has enabled Key Retirement to streamline processes whilst providing a leading-edge customer experience.

On the partnership between AlfaPeople and Key Retirement, Managing Director Philip Rawlinson states in the article,

“Having seen first-hand Key Retirement’s use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and associated technologies, I say with confidence it is an exemplar of how projects should be designed and delivered, having witnessed huge variance in quality during my previous roles at Microsoft and typically getting involved when projects were on a downturn. These issues were largely down to a lack of governance on both sides, no eye on value generation for the customer and delivery team members that have a default answer of ‘yes’ now what was the question – not challenging the customer, every step of the way.

Working with Darren’s team, together we have created a value-based solution that covers every aspect of Key Retirement’s business, that is perceived as mission-critical and ensures the ultimate customer experience, whilst reducing costs through intelligent business processes”.

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