Our Happiness at Work Model With Emunah
AlfaPeople |
Jun 21, 2017

Our Happiness at Work Model With Emunah

Since the beginning of this year, by management guidelines, we decided to hire a strategic partner in human resources. So Emunah became our partner for the development of a strategy regarding human talent management in our organization.

Consequently, we decided to implement the Happiness at Work Model within our organization, which involves the development of strategies to provide a balance between personal and professional life and improve welfare and quality of life of employees. Under this Happiness Model, Emunah supports us to carry out adjustments to the different processes of the organization, such as Selection of Personnel, Induction, Evaluation, Well-being, Occupational Health, and Safety Management, Career Plans, among others.

We are convinced that satisfied employees are more productive and valuable. They represent the most important asset for us. This proposal, developed by Emunah, is based on the “Being”. It touches the hearts of our collaborators through a process of cultural transformation that highlights the human values in our organization.

Based on this, on 25 May we opened a space to impact in a positive way the quality of life of our employees. We now have a games room where they find a place for integration purpose that allows reducing the daily routine levels of stress.

All of the AlfaPeople Colombia employees can enjoy a spacious and fun place, which has a ping-pong table, Xbox, table football and a reading room.

In addition to this, the room has a mural designed by the artist Julio Acero, which creatively expresses the aims and values of our Company, defined with the Emunah team, which are:

  • We Are Passionate: “We are clear about our purposes, we take on challenges and invest extra time to reach them. We enjoy everything we do and we go beyond our responsibilities, achieving the best results. We work with motivation and we transmit when interacting with others”.
  • We work as a Team: “We work for motivation and permanent integration, we rejoice in the achievements of others. We work to achieve individual and group goals, sharing our experiences, knowledge, and ideas”.
  • We seek Innovation and Excellence: “We improve every day by strengthening our knowledge and skills. We do our work in an autonomous and flawless way. We adapt to changes, we produce transformative ideas and solutions, adding value to everything we do “.
  • We achieve what we propose: “We are committed, we have clear our objectives, and to reach them we strive to the maximum, exceeding our expectations and those of others.”
  • Ethics guides our actions: “Our thoughts are aligned with our actions, we comply with the norms and policies established in AlfaPeople; we respect each other, face our mistakes and propose actions for improvement.”

All these advances made with our strategic partner lead us to be closer to our goal: “Transform and impact the life of our team, strengthen their talents to deliver the best to our customers”