AlfaPeople Brazil takes part of Microsoft’s Hackathon
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Apr 20, 2017

AlfaPeople Brazil takes part of Microsoft’s Hackathon

Microsoft, in partnership with Natura and Flytour, held a Hackathon, a programming marathon where AlfaPeople employees created prototypes to propose the digital transformation of participating companies.

During the first two weekends of April, Microsoft conducted a hackathon (programming marathon) to create ideas and prototypes that help in the digital transformation of the companies Natura and Flytour. The marathon brought together more than 100 people, and AlfaPeople was represented by 3 employees. It was more than 76 hours of competition where the main challenge was to promote innovation through the creativity of the teams and the new technologies available.

The first hackathon was from Natura, and began on Saturday with the company’s executives presenting some of the business challenges. Then the participants were divided into groups that worked with focus on each of the themes. The members had at their disposal cloud development platforms and Microsoft servers as well as Natura business data. The marathon continued until Sunday, and at the end of the day the teams presented their prototypes to a bench, which elected the best. Our team of developers ranked 4th with a project that proposed to democratize advanced CRM rules in a simple and objective way for Natura Consultants through an App, in order to increase the power of prospecting and thus offering more intelligent products.

The next weekend was Flytour’s turn. Four challenges related to both the business and the operational areas of the Group were proposed, so that each team chose one to work with. After that, the teams search for solutions to the problems posed and made a presentation at the end of the event. Classified in 3rd place, our prototype proposed to improve the trajectory of the final customer within the travel agency, offering customized products according to the customer’s profile. A CMS system was developed that crosses customer data with the products, in other words, besides offering a plane ticket, the solution indicated, among a list of options, which is the most suitable for the customer according to its profile. Products like shows, sports events and gastronomic experiences, are now offered more effectively by the agent.

Daniel Geradelli told about the participation of the hackathon:

“Unique experience! One of the things that make these events a success is the fact that you do not have to be stuck in day-to-day bureaucracies, so you can design products that can change the relationship between company and customer based on your personal and professional experiences, always aiming at increasing revenue, coupled with customer satisfaction.”

The top three teams in each Hackathon will have their projects continued on the clients. As a way of thanking their commitment, AlfaPeople awarded R$ 300 to each participating employee. AlfaPeople has a specialized development team ready for any challenge on Microsoft platforms, meeting the different needs of our clients to promote cost optimization with great quality and in a short time.