AlfaPeople: Fourth largest global partner for ClickDimensions
AlfaPeople |
Feb 13, 2017

AlfaPeople: Fourth largest global partner for ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions has just published the list of its top 10 Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM partner companies for 2016 with AlfaPeople at number four, something we are quite proud of.

ClickDimensions brings together CRM and marketing

AlfaPeople believes in close collaboration with ClickDimensions because of the latter’s capacity to bring CRM and marketing together in a single system, facilitating strong cooperation between marketing and sales, with all customer and prospect data gathered in CRM.

AlfaPeople Market Manager Mikkel Kinnerup says:

“ClickDimensions is the perfect feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions when our customers are looking for marketing automation in an interface they already know.”

Features and benefits of ClickDimensions

  • Fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365: all functionality can be accessed through the Dynamics interface with every detail of customers and leads and their activities found in one single system. It provides a powerful tool for closer cooperation between sales and marketing
  • Tight integration between website and CRM, facilitating website visitor monitoring directly in Dynamics CRM
  • Qualified lead generation for sales
  • Every tool a marketing professional needs: campaign management, event management, lead scoring, newsletters, surveys, segmentation
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to make marketing easy
  • Training and support included: training, help and support included at no additional cost, including personal assistance, live and recorded training, help forums and more.

In relation to the announcement of the 10 top global ClickDimensions partners, Brad Burks, Vice President of Sales in ClickDimensions said:

“Without our partners, ClickDimensions would not be the success that it is today. (…) Together, we are making a difference for our mutual customers – helping them attract more leads, close more sales and better engage their customers through the powerful combination of Dynamics and the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution.”

The AlfaPeople team is delighted with the announcement from ClickDimensions, and looks forward to a new year with projects in ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Read more about ClickDimensions here or contact us.